Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perp Shoe of The Week (Jordan Edition)

I've been putting off posting Jordans as a perp shoe since I think it's well known that they're the perpiest of shoes ever created and I've tried to focus on slightly more obscure sneakers. Plus, I gave up on buying Jordans once they started to rerelease slightly altered versions just about every week. (Pink snakeskin?). Not to mention that sometime around my late teens and early 20's I decided I didn't want to be wearing the same sneakers as someone's 45 year old mother or baby. There was a time when I did actually stand on line in front of a Foot Locker like an old woman in the former Soviet Union waiting for bread (if you see a line of Puerto Ricans on 34th street either there's a Jordan release at Foot Action or an Aventura concert at the Garden). These Jordan 11's were not the first pair I stood on line like a jackass for, but they are without a doubt my favorites.

When Michael first broke out the white and black patent leather joints during the 96 playoff run (his first championship run post retirement), people were confused. What are those spats he's wearing? No one had ever seen patent leather used on a sneaker (now it's used on almost every Nike release). The fact that he was fined by the league for not wearing totally black playoff sneakers like the rest of the Bulls only added to the lore. They would eventually hit the market in the 3 standard (and only real) Jordan colors; White and black, White and Carolina blue, and (my favorite sneaker of all time) Chicago black and red. Sometime later, the "Space Jams" hit bootleg stores at the Fulton Street mall and other shady establishments (they have recently been released legitimately to eager Puerto Ricans on 34th street).


  1. What sneakers is Kemp wearing there? The special ones?

  2. You would think that he would rock the super sperms knowing his history, but those are just plain white reeboks.

  3. Nevermind Kemp, what about my sneakers?