Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heat vs. Cavs Preview

Guess who's back? Eh, it's just LeBron. Tonight, the Heat return to Cleveland for Peppino's second game in front of his former fans with about a millionth of the hype that accompanied his first game there way back in early December. That night, there were stories of elevated security around the court, possible death threats, a ridiculous TNT opening montage, and eventually a sad reminder to the people of Cleveland of why they were all so sad he left in the first place.

That game was a turning point for both teams. Way back then, the Heat were going through something similar to what the Knicks are now, looking all unsure and sloppy on the court, losing at home to teams like Indiana, and inspiring Hater J and Skip Bayless (In the Knicks' case, it's Bottle and Peter Vescey) and everyone else who loved to hate them. Meanwhile, the Cavs were the scrappy scorned team, who maybe could fight their way into the playoffs. That is, until 5 minutes into the game. The Heat ran away with it, and LeBron could have had 50 if it weren't such a blowout. Since then, the Heat went on a huge run through December, and despite some issues in close games and vs. winning teams, they've been a pretty good team, while the Cavs were historically bad. Definite buzz kill. The game wasn't even nationally televised until it got the fan vote on NBA TV (which Miami gets every week the Lakers aren't playing).

Last month, Cleveland traded away Mo Williams and a couple others, and most of the rest of the guys who played with LeCabron are sitting on the bench in street clothes. If the first game was like bumping into the ex-girlfriend who left you for some douche bag (or like going to her wedding, like the devastated Mo said) then tonight's game is more like losing your job and being evicted, and your ex-wife driving by your box on the side of the highway in her Lexus (the Heat aren't quite Bentleys). The Cavs are truly putrid (except when they play the Knicks), which I suppose only adds to LeBron's unlikeableness. Hometown kid seeks his fortune by the beach with his spoiled friends, and comes back around a couple times a year to kick some dirt in his old friends' faces. When you see what remained in Cleveland, though, we can blame him but I guess we should all be able to understand the thought process behind it. It's still fun to call him names, though.

I think this game will be closer than the last, but still have the same end result.

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