Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PTU Old Man Rant: What is Wrong With These People

I was reading the NYTimes today when I came across something interesting in the real estate section. It had a link to a blog called "Urbanbaby.Com", a place where cool hipster parents can get together to talk about their new strollers and how to buy their kids into the best pre-K class. The article referred to the post you can find here.

"I want to say thank you to all of you. I posted a few weeks ago about my guilt around having my family subsidize my life by giving me enough money to buy a new larger apartment in Manhattan. I always wondered what friends or colleagues secretly thought but by hearing from anon strangers who had no need to "be nice" I realized that people don't think less of me (I do work and we pay our monthly bills) and I should shut up and enjoy it. It has been genuinely more liberating for me than years of therapy, so THANK YOU UBERS!!!!"

Are you serious that you need this level of acceptance and confirmation of your lifestyle? Is it not enough that mommy and daddy support your 40 year old ass and your family so you can have a big apartment to show off to you friends? Now you need your fellow yupsters to validate your lifestyle?

Listen, I know a lot of people who may have had some help from their parents, but they just appreciate this and enjoy life. Only an insecure loser would take money from mommy and daddy and then beg for validation on a yuppie website.

Stop embarrassing yourself and grow a set of balls like previous generations of Americans.

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