Saturday, October 18, 2014

Draft Kings This Sunday, Win a million Dollars

Hello PTU readers, thank you for coming back and reading our articles. Today I wanna let you guys know about a contest happening this Sunday where a deposit of $27.00 can win you a million dollars. Now Fantasy Sports especially fantasy football is HOT! You cant' watch sports on TV without seeing a commercial for draftkings. SO far I would rate them as the best and most used site for daily fantasy sports contests, meaning the prize pools will be the highest on this site versus others. I am playing this Sunday and I hope you will too. Starting next week I will be writing articles on fantasy football. Currently I am in 3 leagues, one I am undefeated and in the others I am at .500. Last year I was in two leagues and won them both and in the past I have come second in various leagues. Looking forward to helping you guys win your leagues.

NOW if you want to get on the million dollar contest this Sunday , please use my link below to register for this Sunday's contest.
Thank you
Draft Kings One Million Dollar Contest

Monday, April 14, 2014

Its almost tax freedom day

Judging by where you live in the United States its almost tax Freedom Day, please the above image and see when it is for you, but for many accountants tomorrow is the day that true freedom is reached (at least till October 15th, for those who are on extension, remember its an extension to file not not pay)

If you worked with an accountant this year, and he provided you with great service, feel free to thank him. a lot of people have days (nurses day, teacher day , etc) Perhaps there should be an Accountant day, but enough of what should be or not. I hope tax season was great for you

Thursday, October 17, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers week 7

Hey Folks we are back, and just like the NFL we get some bye weeks too. The last two weeks I have had some interesting experiences with a company that offers to give you sports picks for a price. The first week I contacted them I got a free pick as advertised and it was a winner. "AWESOME"is what I thought, I did had a friend of mine contact them and he got a free pick, and it was a winner "AWESOME TIMES 2" All the time they told me that yes these picks are free, but we normally charge $500.00 a week. "WOAH" is what I thought I mentioned to them that I am not a big gambler, that the most I ever wagered on a game was $100.00, the service then on mention you get 7 picks for $250.00 this week. I told them I would have to think about it. I spoke to my buddy who had gotten a free pick as well and he said it may be worth the expense, again I had to think about it. So my buddy received more calls from them and finally my buddy broke down and said "hey I only have $220.00 bucks" They guy was like "I'll charge your card only $200.00 and i'll give you seven picks" the service then went on to give him two picks that day and they were both winners. I wish I could tell you the story ends with them just giving us more and us still paying them $500.00 a week since we are winning and they are winning. Well what happened over the next week was just not call, they kept harassing my buddy to up sale him to $4,500 a month for a month's worth of picks and of course if he is only wagering a small amount how can one start the week when your minus $4,500?

The final outcome was my buddy stopped taking their calls and he never got the rest of picks he was due. Overall he went 5 &1 with their picks, but any winnings he got, he put towards his life bills and couldn't double up , or make a huge score, had the service just done what it promised to do, I bet my buddy would have started making bigger bets and paying a bigger weekly fee with this company, but all well.

Now on to tonight's action. Teasing is what is going on tonight and it goes like this


TOTAL u75½

TOTAL o28½

Good luck to all tonight

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lock Yard Bay Ridge, a Review

"The Hipsters are coming . THE HIPSTERS ARE COMING" Are what they screamed as the announcement of this Beer Garden was going to be opened. Well to be honest if Hipsters love Artisan Sausages and Fancy Hot Dogs, then I expect to come in my the hundreds. But I am not a Hipster and I am not really sure what one is, but I didn't like my experience at The Lock Yard. Let me break it down for you

First I really liked the Pink Lemonade

It was not too sweet it was refreshing and provided a nice exhilarating quenching of my thirst. It all went down hill from there. I found the menu limiting if I was in the mood for hot dogs and sausages maybe I would have had a different experience, so I tried to make the best of my limited options and ordered a Kings Smoked Beef and Cheddar Sausage with onions. I'm not sure what the bread roll was that they gave it to me in but it dwarfed the sausage and I felt like all I was tasting was onions . Along with my order I ordered waffle fries with two dipping sauces. The first sauce I order was Carolina Gold BBQ and Sweet Bourbon Mustard. The Carolina Gold BBQ was really good, but the Sweet Bourbon Mustard was not sweet or any good, I spoke to a manager about it , he came back with replacement sauce but I didn't taste any improvement. When my fries arrived I thought things were picking up since they brought what appeared to be two portions of fries, now I started thinking "interesting generous portions of fries". When my bill came I got the bad news that for every dipping sauce I ordered , I apparently ordered another portion of fries. So I don't know if my server was just bad or this is a normal practice at The Lock Yard. Along with my experience I ate outside.

It looked nice at outside, but as you see it was pretty empty. Overall I didn't have a good experience , but I am willing to give the place another try, but nexttime I'll be in the mood for some hot dogs.
I give this experience 2.5 hot dogs out of 5

N.F.L. Not for Losers Week 4

Today we have a special edition of Not for Losers, not only do we have my mush friend's pick, but I have the pick of an expert. Since game time is in an hour I will spare you the mush loss of the week and just give you his pick and the experts pick.

The Mush likes 49ers -3.5 and the over 42.5.

The Expert likes the 49ers -3

Good Luck and use at your own risk. I am actually taking the experts advice tonight :-)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers week 3

"I quit" is what my mush friend told me this week as I was asking for his pick for tonight's game. He gave me the run around, I finally found out that he didn't really quit and went on to bet the over on Monday night's game, of course he lost. As game time is only 1.5 hours away, I'll spare you the long version and just tell you what my mush friend is betting tonight. He likes Philly and the over.

Best of luck , use at your own risk

Saturday, September 14, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers Week 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of N.F.L. (Not of Losers). Last weekend I was in Atlantic City with my Mush friend and I witnessed him loss with pocket Aces all in pre-flop not once, not twice, but four times. On one of those occasions he even flopped a set and lost to runner runner straight. In true gambling form this didn't stop my mush friend from betting on the Pats -12.5 and Over on last Thursday nights game, sorry fans for dropping the ball on not letting you know that little nugget of gambling wisdom, but to make it up to you I asked him for his "lock" of the week.  He likes N.Y. Giants +4 and Under 55 points. As always I say use this knowledge how ever you wish , but at your own risk lol.

Know more then my loser friend

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Geno Smith Era begins with a Win, Jets fans predict Super Bowl Win

The Jets won an exciting game to day on a last second field goal, that was set up by a penalty by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jets Fans have gone crazy are partying in the streets and claiming that a super bowl is only 20 weeks away.

Well Jets Fans I wanna show you what happened the last time you were overly excited about a QB that won a game for you

I still think this Geno's is the best on the east coast.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NY Giants Preview

Tonight is the night, FOOTBALL Begins, but here at PTU we are bias . We all bleed blue, except for Bottle who every once in a while claims to be a Jets fan. So instead of breaking down tonight's game we will break down the up and coming season. First lets look at the schedule.

1 Sep 8 @ DAL. Giants own Dallas at Dallas, I don't expect this season to be any different 1-0
2 Sep 15 DEN  Denver is a Super Bowl favorite and Peyton is going to have extra days to prepare against the Giants 1-1
3 Sep 22 @ CAR Giants should handle Cam Newton and the Panthers easily 2-1
4 Sep 29 @ KC Even thou Kansas City is greatly improved they won't be improved enough to beat the Giants 3-1
5 Oct 6 PHI By this Point in the season I expect the Eaglas offense to gel and finally start beating othere teams and one of those teams will be the Giants 3-2
6 Oct 10 @ CHI Bears don't scare me and they won't scare the Giants 4-2
7 Oct 21 MIN When I think of the Vikings I think of Nightmare games for Eli , I don't know why they have his number but they do 4-3
8 Oct 27 @ PHI By this point the Giants should be able to adjust to the Eaglas new offense and beat them 5-3
Week 9 Bye
10 Nov 10 OAK Come on its the Raider 6-3
11 Nov 17 GB Now if your a Giants fan like me you know they always lose 3 games in a row , so expect a loss here 6-4
12 Nov 24 DAL  here 6-5
13 Dec 1 @ WAS BUT what wait Redskins during week 13 , but this point RG3 won't be as quick and agile as he might be during weeks 1,2, or 3. Giants win a close one 7-5
14 Dec 8 @ SD Chargers are terrible 8-5
15 Dec 15 SEA Seattle was impressive last year , but as you know that means nothing in the NFL I look for the Giants to win this game 9-5
16 Dec 22 @ DET Lions shouldn't be playing for anything at this point, Giants will be playing for the Division . I expect the Giants to take care of business. 10-5
17 Dec 29 WAS If I thought RG3 would have health problems in week 13, by week 17 he should be in a wheel chair or on the sidelines. Giants win this game and the Division 11-5

So the Giants are going 11-5 how will that happened?

Its all about Eli Manning if he throws for 250 to 300 yard every game, they won't be losing. If he throws for more then 300 yards I expect that to be a bad thing as they will be far behind and need him to light it up. David Wilson needs to come up big in the running game and protect Eli in the passing packages.

Giants were Ranked 31st in total Defense in 2012. This has and will improve in 2013. I expect the D line and Line backers to be the strong points of this defense with the secondary improving the most.

Either way 2013 is looking to be an exciting year for the NY Giants and Giants fans.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers Week 1

Hello PTU readers and welcome to what will hopefully be a weekly segment. I like to call this segment "Not For Losers" Its where I select one match up during the N.F.L. season and ask how my mush friend who he likes in the game and then bet the opposite. Now why would I bet the opposite? Well this man was once a millionaire and I never seen him win a sports bet when his life depended on it and at this point of his life it does. He is running colder than an Eskimo in a freezer, well enough of my banter. Here is his pick for Thursday Night

Denver -8.5 and Under 48

You should take advice from people how know more then me

Changing the Game: How to Profit From Your Passion for Sports by a Wall Street Investment Manage

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 5 Half White Half Hispanics

Unless you've been either living under a rock or using this blog as your only source of current events, you know there was a pretty big and pretty controversial trial recently. Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman walked off Scott free this past Saturday. A free man, able to play cops and robbers with real bullets wherever he very well pleases for the rest of his life, which won't be very long if you ask Victor Cruz. I'm not going to break down the specifics of this case, or what it means in the grand scheme of things or says about RACE IN AMERICA, or whatever. You've made up your mind already about what you think of the verdict and it's actually a very complex situation. Trayvon wasn't an angelic child whose joy for life was only exceeded by his love for Skittles and he wasn't a gang banging ne'er do well who if he wasn't casing GZ's gated community for open windows to jump in and wreak havoc he would have eventually like some believe. He also wasn't him. Zimmerman isn't history's greatest monster either. That's her. One thing is absolute though: George Zimmerman is half White and half Hispanic just like some of our writers here at PTU. And also just like these folks:

5) Tony Romo

While I originally thought Mark Sanchez was half White, it turns out that he's not at all. He's all Mexican. But Dallas Cowboys quarterback is indeed only half of a Mexican. He might try and hide his Latino side by only dating blond White girls and rarely if ever driving a car service, but it's there. Mexicans and White people can argue over which side is the one that tosses all those interceptions and chokes in the playoffs.

4) Bottle
Who's Bottle? Well, he's many things to many people. A doting father, cheating husband, master sandwich maker and prolific writer of nearly none of your favorite articles on PTU. He does it all. He's also half Dominican.

3) Juan Epstein
There's no rules to this shit. I can include a fictional character in this list if I want, and it's impossible to make a goofy list of part Hispanic people without including Buchanan High's resident Jewish and Puerto Rican class clown. He's also the inspiration for Hot 97's morning show title featuring Jewish hip hop head Peter Rosenberg and Rican former Funk master Flex lackey Cipha Sounds. Not as funny a mixed race combination as Tony Soprano's nickname for Meadow's half black half Jewish boyfriend "Jamal Ginsberg" but a worthy addition to this list.

2) Charlie Sheen
If we had made this list two years ago he would have been number one in a landslide. It seems like a century ago that this dude hijacked pop culture for about a month. It was a lot like Linsanity in that way, except instead of a mild mannered Christian Chinese point guard that captured the nation's attention it was an aging actor addicted to hookers and blow. Off the strength of Major League and Hot Shots alone he deserves placement on here, and we'll try and forget about 2 and a Half Men and Anger Management.

1) Jessica Alba
Look at her, she has to be number one on any list.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The end of a Season

For some of you its your birthday today, for about a few million people in the United States today marks the end of tax season. If for some reason you haven't filed your taxes yet, you should get an extension. I'm not providing you with any tax advice, but if you want to know how to do it, the IRS has a link for you.

I would like to point out the most important part of what the IRS has to say in that link.

"Please be aware that an extension of time to file is NOT an extension of time to pay." 

I hope you all enjoy this tax season , not sure how you can but I couldn't think of a better way to end this post.