Tuesday, September 3, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers Week 1

Hello PTU readers and welcome to what will hopefully be a weekly segment. I like to call this segment "Not For Losers" Its where I select one match up during the N.F.L. season and ask how my mush friend who he likes in the game and then bet the opposite. Now why would I bet the opposite? Well this man was once a millionaire and I never seen him win a sports bet when his life depended on it and at this point of his life it does. He is running colder than an Eskimo in a freezer, well enough of my banter. Here is his pick for Thursday Night

Denver -8.5 and Under 48

You should take advice from people how know more then me

Changing the Game: How to Profit From Your Passion for Sports by a Wall Street Investment Manage

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