Saturday, October 18, 2014

Draft Kings This Sunday, Win a million Dollars

Hello PTU readers, thank you for coming back and reading our articles. Today I wanna let you guys know about a contest happening this Sunday where a deposit of $27.00 can win you a million dollars. Now Fantasy Sports especially fantasy football is HOT! You cant' watch sports on TV without seeing a commercial for draftkings. SO far I would rate them as the best and most used site for daily fantasy sports contests, meaning the prize pools will be the highest on this site versus others. I am playing this Sunday and I hope you will too. Starting next week I will be writing articles on fantasy football. Currently I am in 3 leagues, one I am undefeated and in the others I am at .500. Last year I was in two leagues and won them both and in the past I have come second in various leagues. Looking forward to helping you guys win your leagues.

NOW if you want to get on the million dollar contest this Sunday , please use my link below to register for this Sunday's contest.
Thank you
Draft Kings One Million Dollar Contest

Monday, April 14, 2014

Its almost tax freedom day

Judging by where you live in the United States its almost tax Freedom Day, please the above image and see when it is for you, but for many accountants tomorrow is the day that true freedom is reached (at least till October 15th, for those who are on extension, remember its an extension to file not not pay)

If you worked with an accountant this year, and he provided you with great service, feel free to thank him. a lot of people have days (nurses day, teacher day , etc) Perhaps there should be an Accountant day, but enough of what should be or not. I hope tax season was great for you