Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knicks vs Pacers Preview

Tonight is the Indiana portion of the home and home between the Knicks and Pacers following the debacle at the Garden on Sunday night. The Pacers aren't a terrible team but the way the Knicks sleep walked through that game was definitely bordering on embarrassing, letting Psycho T up there catch a flashback to his Tar Heel days and get his career high against a mostly uninterested Knicks front line (if you want to call it that). Hopefully, tonight the Knicks will snap out of it and somehow put an end to their annoying trend of playing to the level of their opponent since the big trade.

While the Pacers have no NBA household names (especially with Danny Granger out), their roster is chock full of guys who will be recognizable to any College Basketball fan. Besides Hansbrough, they have Kansas' hero Brandon Rush, UCLA star Darren Collison, Dukies Dahntay Jones, Mike Dunleavy Jr, and Josh McRoberts, Georgetown center Roy Hibbert (who dominated Amare inside), former UCONN standout A.J. Price, and a name that will be familiar to Brooklyn heads, Lincoln's Lance Stephenson. Every couple minutes, they subbed in another player that made you say "So that's where he ended up, he was awesome in college". Needless to say, this team is a long way from the glory days of the Knicks Pacers rivalry of the 90's and is absolutely not a team that should dominate the Knicks, especially at home.

I expect the Knicks to play much better than they did the other night and get a little revenge.

To make us all feel better, here's video of my favorite moment between the two teams (and one of the few times I've hugged random strangers at a sporting event).

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