Friday, March 11, 2011

The Hottest Chicks Ever

We do a lot of talking about sports and other crap on here but we probably don't spend enough posts accurately representing what it is we b.s. about the most in our real lives; girls. Celebrity, non-celebrity whatever. Who's hotter is probably the biggest point of discussion in most dudes' conversations with other dudes. Of course, this is all relative, one mans' hottest girl is another's mediocre girl and the answers would probably change depending on culture and age.

So, the best way to decide this is to break it down by time period, the absolute hottest chicks of each decade as we see it.

The 1960's

Racquel Welch

Most of our fathers probably had a poster of her on their walls, Racquel here has definitely stood the test of time.

Marilyn Monroe

Yeah, she's really more of an icon now than any dude's fantasy, but there's no denying she was smokin' hot in her day (plus she looks a lot like the chick who we'll proably end up picking to be number 1). On top of that, she banged a President (back when that meant something).

Coming Soon: The Hottest Chicks of the 1970's.

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