Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pull Your Pants Up

In one of the perpiest sports stories in recent memory, Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant was issued a warning from police for a public disturbance that stemmed from him and his boys wearing their pants too low at a mall. Allegedly, the authorities were notified when Dez and his crew refused to pull up their pants. Seriously.

There's definitely a question as to the validity of a law policing an individuals' choice of wardrobe (unless his Jimmy Johnson was showing) but I can respect both side's points of view here. There is a growing trend around the country of local laws issueing fines if someone's boxers are showing, and while this might seem to some people like racial profiling or an infringement on their personal liberties, the bottom line is it just looks bad. C'mon man, you're a grown adult. I've never met a woman that likes that look and whitey is going to look at you as a thug. Pull your damn pants up.

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