Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beef Song of the Week

16.Calling Out Names: Kurupt Dissing DMX, Ja Rule and 50 cent (1999)
There's so many reasons that rappers beef with one another. Stolen lyrics, a misinterpreted line in a song (or a correctly interpreted line), money, association with an enemy, and on and on and on.

Then there were incidents that crossed over from petty stuff like that to reasons even closer to home; each other's wives/girlfriends/baby's mothers. From Biggie and Tupac to Jay-z and NaS, messing with some one's girl has been the root of many a rap beef.

Nobody got more riled up over someone scraping their wife than Dogg Pound Gangsta, Kurupt. Coming off the heels of a much publicized break up with Foxy Brown, Kurupt totally lost his mind over the prospect of a pre-crack DMX (who at the time was unbelievably popular) getting some ill na na. Over this very west coast sounding beat, Kurupt sounds like he might not have quite gotten over the break up at this point. This might also be the only instance of someone dissing Ja and 50 on the same song (50 because of his "plottin to jux her for that rock Kurupt copped" line on "How to Rob" and Ja because...ehh, why the hell not?). Anyway, Kurupt is really mad, even dissing a movie like it's a person.

This otherwise very ballsy beef song is this low on the list due to Kurupt being so apologetic to everyone else in New York. We don't need to hear about everyone you're cool with on a beef song.

Best Line: "Mothaf$%k D, Mothaf$%k M, only X I know is Xzibit or Rbx, Extraordinary tryin' to snatch my bitch, you can have the bitch, 2 bitches gettin' rich"

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