Monday, March 21, 2011

Bottle Gets His CUNY Professor On

During a heated email exchange today Bottle started spewing idealistic arguments about ethical government and how there is no need for oil. While I admire his Utopian ideals, I don't think they are realistic. We didn't want all this good material to go to waste here are some highlights...


  • Obama is doing a shitty job and deserves to not be re-elected at this point. 
So what do you think McCain and Palin would have done differently that would be better?
  • Obamacare and getting involved in Libya are his two big mistakes.  He sucks... he's not in touch with the needs of the country... you know I am not a liberal-hating conservative... I feel like a have a fair view of the issues and his agendas. And he's clearly a socialist and a fake Christian... the former matters, the latter I don't care about (although I believe it's true). 
But many of your personal viewpoints are compatible with Socialism....any of the unemployment checks you receive, school aid, all that stuff is by definition socialism.

  • I'm not against socialist initiatives, I just don't like that he incorporates aspects of it into his agendas and then acts like everyone is crazy when they point it out.  It doesn't work to go half way, to try to incorporate progressive changes into the current system.  It isn't compatible. Maybe incremental changes but not the type of commie stuff he supports (and most Americans despise)
This directly contradicts your previous statement that he should have "gone all the way" instead of doing it half ass within the existing system.

  • We definitely should not have bombed Libya, for so many reasons.  So you're saying that we went in strictly for oil.  That's not what Obama said.
There are lots of reasons not to bomb Libya, but our economy depends on oil too much. Would you be willing to pay $5 or $6 per gallon? The answer may be yes, but I don't think you fully understand the impact on the economy that oil has at the moment...right or wrong, it has dictated foreign policy in the middle east for many years.
  • Obama pulled a Bush, then used liberal gibberish to support it. Moving to Canada gets more appealing every day.  You don't have to deal with nonsense like this... you have your health benefits covered and lap dances are $12... too bad it's so cold there.
Luckily I was able to selectively edit this to my liking, so many of bottle's comments are taken somewhat out of context to make him look like a whiny liberal. 


  1. Please change the blue font. It's hard to read against the black background. Also, lap dances are $15 now in Canada. And the CAD is worth more than USD. So it's not the awesome deal it used to be.

  2. I can read the blue font fine, it must be your communist computer.

  3. Very interesting guys, I bought a bicycle to cut down on gas usage and for cardio training. Gaddafi had to go, he is a terrorist and was killing his own people using the state military. Imagine gng to protest a city hall and getting attacked by apache helicopters, Reagan had the right idea when he tried to kill him in the 80's.

  4. Taking your blog spam elsewhere! Crap, and Captain Power agrees with me?

  5. Gaddafi blew up a disco and blew up an airliner...He needs to go, President Hillary is right. Some people just need to be removed from this planet or they will do really bad things. Oil had nothing to do with it, Libya is 2% of world oil supply...Overall middle east instability affects oil prices, and high oil prices affect everything. Trucking, raw materials, food, clothes, heat, electronics, beer prices, socks, sneakers, beef, airlines, ..

  6. If it's not about oil, then why aren't we sending troops to other areas that are just as (and in some cases even more) volatile?

    Snoot, you can't post my arguments and then edit them how you like. I'm going to do that to you next week.

    I didn't contradict myself. Your argument was that we must get further involved in Libya because oil is too important. I was simply pointing out that we would be spending a great deal of money and putting soldiers and civilians at risk when we don't need to. Libya provides 5% of the US's oil. Besides, Obama is referring to this as a humanitarian mission when there are other areas in the world that need assistance just as bad and in those cases we haven't done nearly as much to help.

  7. You say "right or wrong" like you're a robot

  8. Please provide examples of these other places. I'm not doing this to needle you, I really want to know where you think the US should be involved in.

  9. Saudi Arabia just sent their military into Bahrian. How about the Ivory Coast where people are being slaughtered? There are many different areas where you could justify sending troops in (if oil isn't the real objective).

    If there were tons of oil in Africa half our military would be there.

  10. How would we get the oil?? Seriously it has zero to do with oil...double ZERO.....triple ZERO...Its all Gaddafi. Don't try to make it more complicated than it is, Gaddafi is a mad man who is in charge of a military. I'm sure there are some small warlords in Africa, but this guy has fighter jets, tanks, missles....He has to go...

  11. Libya is probably good for cardio....very warm and flat....

  12. many more arguments about Libya and Obama and I might have to go to captain power.

  13. It's about the oil stupid...

    Bottle, I did qualify my post with a note saying I edited it to my liking so everyone would know that...

    I agree with you that the truth is we tend to help countries that suit our strategic needs. The main driving force behind our Middle East policy for the last 30 years is based on stability in the oil supply (Captain Power is wrong, this is not about Gaddafi, even though he is terrible).

    My main point back to you was that you are willing to say that we shouldn't protect the availability of cheap oil but yet you don't fully comprehend how much it is a part of your daily life...

    I'm not sure we actually disagree on Obama, but its fun to argue with you about that.

  14. One last thing Bottle, the contradiction was regarding one statement you said that we need gradual change and in another you said Obama should have went all out and not done this half ass compromise.

    Johnny Bagels, maybe we can let Gaddafi come to the U.S. as a prisoner of war if he agrees to play for the Knicks in place of Jeffries.

  15. I would think comprehending how much a part of your daily life oil is would make you want to avoid these types of situations and move towards a new framework with alternative energy solutions. Obviously this isn't easy and wont happen overnight, but you can't continue to give the government a free pass to use our military (putting lives at risk) and increase spending every time there's a dispute in an oil-rich area.

  16. I think I actually understand where Bottle is coming from, and fully agree.