Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perp Shoes of the Week

The last two perp shoe entry endorsers (Grant Hill and Barry Sanders) proved that you needn't be an actual perp to inspire a classic perp sneaker. This week's perp shoe is another example, the Diamond Furies and the Ken Griffey Jr. Air Max that were worn by none other than Ken Griffey Jr.Although many of his best moments came against the Yanks, Jr.'s still one of my all time favorite players. Blessed with the smoothest swing I've ever seen in person, Griffey was the total package during his years with Seattle and his sneakers were also phenomenal. The Griffey air maxes have somehow become the most popular perp shoes in all of New York city over the past couple of years. Ride the 4 train for a half hour and I guarantee you will see at least 2 kids with some version of them. Maybe the only nike reissue that looks almost as good as the original (these black and red Cinncinati versions).

1 comment:

  1. I like how the perp shoe crosses over all sports. Not locked down to one.