Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hater's Bracket

Here is my Bracket. It may be tough to read but clicking on it will let you see who I picked.

The East is my only non 1-seed pick. Syracuse is a well coached team with a ton of talent and what seems to be a close to home advantage playing the games in Newark. Also, LeBron is an honorary Ohio State alum...the kiss of death.

In the West I have Duke. San Diego State is a solid team with "home court". But there is one thing I noticed watching the Fab 5 documentary...they're coached by Steve Fisher. Steve Fisher lost a championship game to UNC not for lack of talent, but lack of coaching ability. In a bracket where he has may have to face Coach K and Calhoun...I don't like his chances.

The Southwest is where my champ comes from. I can't see this Kansas team getting caught sleeping like last year with all that talent, size and leadership. I don't like ND, Purdue, L'ville or G'town to pull any type of upset.

The Southeast is a disaster with any team 1-10 having a legit shot at the Final Four. I went chalk since chalk was a Big East Team and I really think the rest of the teams will beat the piss out of each other.

For Today (Excluding the obvious 1 & 2 seeds)...

Clemson (Hate Huggins), Butler (coin flip), L'ville (Pitino gets More-head again), Temple (can Penn State score 40), Kentucky (cupcake), Vandy (it's the 5-12 upset everyone talks about that never happens), BYU (Jimmer outscores Wofford solo), UConn (some small upset potential here), Wisconsin (some small upset potential, but Bo Ryan should have his guys ready), Mich State (it's Izzo time), Gonzaga (sorry St. John's, size matters), Mizzo (size to hang with Cincy and solid D), K State (strongly considered Utah St. here)

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