Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Showers Blow

Baby Showers are awful.

I went to a Dominican shower once upon a time (was dragged by the girlfriend) and vowed to never attend again. Although booze, music and dancing make it better than standard "white" baby showers, they're still miserable.

Some oversized, painfully pregnant woman dances in what loooks like slow motion due to the fact her cankles are beyond swollen. People get twasted (too twasted), and it makes them acting like dick heads acceptable. You become a victim to women talking about the time they were pregnant or what it would be like if they had kids. And finally, you deal with, "Oh, that's so cute," about 50 times for some stupid clothes the kid will wear for like a month before he poops all over it, barfs all over it, or just grows out of it.


as told by Hater J


  1. Nothing is worse then the gift opening ceremony (only applies to white people baby showers). Takes upwards of 2 hours and requires each item be called out individually.

  2. I'm a girl and can't stand them!!!

  3. I have a feeling I know who that anonymous girl quote is.

  4. Can we start a movement to ban baby showers? And can we sneak in a no Valentine's Day clause in there as well?

  5. Senator D is trying to get some pork built into the no baby shower bill..