Monday, March 14, 2011

Heat vs. Spurs Preview

The roller coaster season continues for El Heat. After the horrors of their 5 game losing streak (and all the other crap that went along with it) they've settled down with a win over the Lakers and an absolute domination of Memphis. While those wins were nice, and it shut me and Hater J up for a couple days, Wade and them can really make a statement with a win vs. Los Spurs tonight (I am also taking part in the NBA's celebration of its' storied Latin heritage. All 10 Latin players in league history are I'm sure very appreciative). After getting smacked around in San Antonio the Friday before last, a win tonight could at least be evidence that Miami's moving in the right direction headed towards the playoffs and would be another one of those pesky wins over an elite team that have been so tough for them to get this season.

Should be a close game, but I still like the Spurs to show their veteran savvy tonight and give us all some more reason to hate again. Thank God.

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