Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Knicks vs. Grizzlies Preview

Remember him? That surly looking guy brandishing the sword (yes, another black man with a weapon picture attached to one of my posts) is the most consistent double-double machine this side of Kevin Love, Zach Randolph. Despite a vertical of about 3 inches and the muscle definition of an overweight 8th grader, the ex-knick gobbles up rebounds and easily scores better than most of the league. He also plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder whenever he faces one of the teams that has traded him, as the Knicks saw first hand during his 30/20 game at the Garden last season. The one knock on Z-bo throughout his career has been his lack of focus and questionable off-court decisions (fights with teammates, etc.) but he seems to have put that stuff behind him and is following up last year's all-star season with the Grizz with another great season.
(By the way, I'd like to defend Zach's much criticized trip to a strip club while he was on bereavement leave from the Blazers. The titty bar is a perfectly suitable place to cheer yourself up).

Tonight, we'll see if the Knicks can contain Zach on the boards (something they struggle with against anyone) as well as the rest of Memphis' athletic, young team.

I think it will be a tough one for the Knicks (especially without Chauncey) and the Grizzlies will end Carmelo's first win streak in New York.

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