Monday, March 14, 2011

Teams That I Hate...Now That We Know the Seeding

Before the selection committee let us know who would be playing where, I listed a few teams I disliked. Here is a little follow up on that now that I know the seeding and match ups.

Florida - They get Michigan State or UCLA after their first round cupcake. Howland/Izzo, versus Billy D and his Justin Beiber knock off. Does anyone want to pick against Izzo here? Would anyone take the softies from Florida against a tough defensive Howland team? I'm not.

UNC - I put them in the sweet 16 last night and looking at the brackets, I think that's about right. I see this team losing to Syracuse. They should also have their hands full with a run and gun Washington team that can make the score too lop-sided for a comeback.

Kentucky/WV - Two of my least favorite coaches are lined up to meet for a trip to the Sweet 16. If Clemson picks up a win in the play in game, I think they can hang with WV and Kentucky. If not, I see West Virginia outplaying Kentucky for a chance to lose to Ohio State.

Notre Dame - Given their draw I can't see them losing to Florida St/A&M. I do see them losing to Purdue in the sweet 16 though.

UConn - Heard from some folks that the boys on ESPN picked them to be in the Final Four. I vehemently disagree. San Diego St and Duke are far better. I see this UConn team struggling against Mizzo (my upset pick in Round 1 of that bracket) or Big East rival, Cincy in round 2. If they pass that test...good luck playing San Diego State in Anaheim.

BYU - Their road is, Wofford (a win), Gonzaga/St Johns (not so confident there), Mich St. (my pick)/UCLA/Florida. They aren't leaving the Sweet 16.

I'm debating on a national champ right now. I like Kansas given the Morris boys, the great coaching, the upper class men leadership, and the tourney experience. Duke has been playing very well but are slated to have to play San Diego State in California. I also don't think this Ohio State team will make the Final Four.


  1. You seem to pick Kansas every year

  2. I had them in the Final Four, but picked Syracuse beating Duke(and was wrong of course). The year before was L'ville beating Pitt (another loss). The two years before that was when I picked Kansas 2x, they won it once.

    I like to pick teams that are playing well at the end of the year, coached well throughout the year, have good upper classmen, are not called UConn or called UNC (the UConn/UNC things stem from hatred for both programs). That usually has me picking Duke, Kansas, Syracuse, a Pitino team, or a Tom Izzo team if their region/bracket look promising. Conversely, that usually tosses out Calipari teams, Huggins teams, a majority of SEC teams, and UNC/UConn.

  3. I still can't believe that San Diego State got a #2 seed. They played 1 good team all season and lost 2 times to them. BYU is not the same team anymore. Let Jiminy score his 60 points while the rest of the team scores 10 total.

    There is no way that San Diego State is going to make the final four. I'll give them their first win, then they are done.

    UConn has a shot to make it but they have to hope that Walker isn't spent after the Big East tourney.

  4. San Diego is overrated, but an essential home court game in Anaheim is a thing I see UConn running out of luck for. Kemba may struggle to get out of week one also with a big Mizzo team that likes to play man "D" and isn't scared of playing a 6 foot guard one on one.

    That's it, Duke in the Final Four (Bottle, I know you're shocked)

  5. Do you have my address to send me the money? Its Syracuse vs Wisconsin

  6. Looking for some Jalen links after the awesome documentary Sunday. Blogs not bad, totally disagree with SDSU but hey check this out...