Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beef Song of the Week

14. Not Rich and Still Lying-50 Cent dissing The Game (2005)
This guy again. Compton's The Game had become a star thanks to Dr. Dre beats and 50 choruses during the height of G-unit's dominance in the early 2000's (or whatever you want to call that decade), but, as usually happens with rappers, things soured between the Game and G-unit. In true WWE fashion, Game and 50 went from friends to enemies because Game didn't distance himself far enough from Ja Rule and Fat Joe..or something like that. Either way, they were very angry at each other, Game launched his G-uNOT campaign, songs were made accusing each other of being snitches and or strippers (maybe true), or being on corny 90s dating shows (very true), etc. They briefly and publicly patched things up for their, I kid you not, G-unity charity but that was probably just for show (Game doesn't look too happy in that pic up there). In the end, people were shot outside of Hot 97 and these guys still don't like each other very much.

By this point, 50 had beefed with so many industry people, and recorded so many beef songs, that he had to get a little creative. After you've made fun of someone's career, family, rap sales, criminal history (or lack thereof) there's no where to go but imitate them in a funny voice. Curtis doesn't say all that much here, but it's the only diss song I know of where someone just rapped as the person they're dissing. And he actually sounds a lot like Game. That alone earns inclusion in the top 20. Also some decent shit-talking by 50 at the end, but not his best. Still, the entire track is vintage "I'm too rich to even think of a song dissing you" 50. (Below, you can see Game on "Change of Heart" in a funny shirt. He chose to stay together, she had a change of heart).

Best Line: "Didn't you say you woke up out the coma 2001? Well, your brother says you were never in a coma. Didn't you say you were in a gang? Well, your brother says you were never in a gang"

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