Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Day in PTU History

March 22nd is a day that should be recognized for its' importance to all American citizens. On this date in 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt legalized beer and wine, forever changing the lives of man, woman and child for the better (in December of that year, the ban on all alcohol was lifted). Sure, we all could have found a way to get blasted before booze was legal (and it looks like everyone's having a fun time on Boardwalk Empire) but imagine going to a baseball game without having a cold beer with your 8 dollar hot dog, or (God forbid) a baby shower with a bunch of tight ass law-abiders who wouldn't want to risk that creepy FBI guy raiding their awful little party, that was completely dry! No Heinekens or cheap bottles of red wine to escape the mind-numbing gift-opening? Horrible. I say we make today a national holiday and bump off Valentine's day or Christmas or some other less important day from the calendar. Twasted Day!

FDR might be most conservative's least favorite person next to Michael Moore, but I think regardless of political preference, we can all agree that a life without legal alcohol would be hell. A toast to FDR for making March 22nd a special day in PTU history.

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