Friday, March 25, 2011

Knicks Vs. Bucks Preview

What else to say about the Knicks? Knee-jerk reactions about the trade aside, they have looked awful for the past 2 weeks. Even if we can all tell ourselves that these sorts of things take time and they may or may not be better in the future, the fact is they have been painful to watch (especially in the fourth quarter).

Their last game against tonight's opponent, the Bangos, they switched it around and laid an egg in the first quarter before playing catch-up for the rest of the game and eventually falling short. That's 2 out of 3 for Milwaukee vs. New York this season, 1 and 1 since the Shelden Williams trade. Why do the Bucks have the Knicks number, yet struggle against nearly every other team? Their strengths are in the same positions that the Knicks are weakest defensively, center and point guard. Billups (and before him, Felton) can't keep up with Brandon Jennings and they have no answer for the big Aussie in the middle. Combine that with ridiculous 3 point shooting in the 3 games and the Knicks were in for long nights. Amare and the rest should come out with a sense of urgency tonight though.

That being said, I predict the Knicks will finally win a game tonight and at least crawl back to .500, both in the head to head match up with the Bucks as well as on the season.


  1. Is Bango available via trade to play for the Knicks? I hear he works for treats.

  2. Sure, snoot. I'm available, and I will work for treats. And hookers.