Friday, March 18, 2011

Clyde's Analysis of Comedy Central's Trump Roast

Oh yeah, the millionaire dude with the indomitable do was royally roasted by a cavalcade of stars the other night, and they did not disappoint the rabid fans.

Lisa Lampanelli began to percolate early, asking the deaf Marlee Matlin to read her camel toe. The good stuff from Lampanelli! Not to be outdone, the ubiquitous Jeffrey Ross wowed the crowd with some tasteless jokes involving Gary coleman; "He died of numerous aneurysms, which is sort of like different strokes". Seasoned veteran Gilbert Gottfried also did not disappoint as usual. Precocious neophytes Whitney Cummings and Anthony Jeselnik had the crowd saluting their heroes, especially when Jeselnik said the only difference between Trump and Michael Douglas in Wall Street is no one will be sad when Trump gets cancer. The master blaster! The other rookie, Mike "The Situation" Sorrento didn't fare as well, hearing boos from the capacity crowd. Perhaps a case of rookie jitters from Sich who proved to not be as loquacious as his team-mates. Overall, it was a splendid performance by most of the cantankerous comedians. Back to you in the studio, Al.

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  1. Clyde was there any posting and roasting as well?