Monday, March 28, 2011

PTU Snooty Beer of the Week: Inaugural Edition

For the inaugural edition of Snooty beer of the week I'm going with one of my all time favorites, Three Philosophers from Ommegang. Keep in mind that for this PTU award, the beer should fall into a snooty category, so we will leave out some beers that might do well in a "keeping it real" beer category.

When I first graduated from drinking Labatt Ice during college, Ommegang was one of the first breweries that got my attention with some great snooty Belgian style beers. I believe the first time I came across this beer (and lots of others) was at this hole in the wall on Bleecker Street.

You can go to the Ommegang website here if you want to read all the technical brewing details, but here are the basics: It is basically a strong Belgian style ale mixed with some cherry lambic for a little sweetness. It will also knock you on your ass while you are drinking  it due to it's 9.8% ABV content. If you really want to step it up, this beer is also available in a limited edition cave aged edition as well. If you like beer with flavor but a little bit of sweetness to counter the bitterness (and also like to get drunk), this beer is for you.


  1. I freed your ass from British tyranny and this is the thanks I get....F*** You Snoot! F*** you all!!!!

  2. I was going to take care of you in a future edition, but if you are going to act like this you might not make it..

  3. I don't need any of your fancy beer, sissy.

  4. Listen REAL MAN, this shit will knock you on your ass faster then that bud light lime crap you drink.