Thursday, March 17, 2011

Knicks vs. Grizzlies Preview

It was all good just a week ago...more than a Jay-z song, that describes the feelings around the Knicks lately. A week ago from today, Knicks fans (including me) were all basking in the glory of Carmelo's first game winner in New York (and maybe ignoring the fact that the Knicks almost blew a huge lead) while gloating to Miami fans that this is how it's done, that's how you win in crunch time with two superstars. Well, since then the Knicks have been spanked by a superior Dallas team, and lost 2 in a row to a D-league team. Can they regroup tonight against a playoff caliber squad in the Memphis Grizzlies?

Recent history would say yes they can. In the first game after the Mozgov era, the Knicks barely beat the garbage Milwaukee Bucks, but haven't beaten a below .500 team since in 4 tries. At the same time, they've gone 5 and 2 vs. winning teams post Eddy Curry. Of course, being able to beat good teams is a promising sign for the playoffs, since that's all they'll be facing, but it is frustrating for the fans (and I'm sure the team itself) that the Knicks continue to play at the level of their competition. They can't use the growing pains excuse forever.

That being said, I think the Knickerbockers will get their second win vs. Memphis in as many weeks and continue their dominance over winning teams. Watch out for the Pistons tomorrow night though. They're bad enough to blow the Knicks out.

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