Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Kemba NBA Ready?

Hater J and I have a bet going on whether or not Bronx born Kemba Walker will be a good pro player. I say his game is NBA ready, in fact he plays more of a typical NBA game now than that of a college player. UConn runs a ton of isolation plays for him, which would seem to suit the pro game. J hates all things huskie related so he's a bit biased but his concerns about Walker's size are valid. I contend that he could possibly be a dynamic scorer in the mold of an Iverson, and he has shown repeatedly how clutch he can be. While other more one-dimensional players such as JJ Redick or Adam Morrison have not panned out quite as well as once thought (in Morrison's case especially), Kemba seems to possess some more NBA ready skills that might translate to the professional game better than those guys' games did.

So, will Kemba go the way of Khalid El Amin or (more recently) Ben Gordon and Charlie V? Or will I win the bet and he has a Ray Allen or Rip Hamilton type of career? Seeing as how we don't want to wait 15 years to settle the bet my foolish criteria for good professional is an all-star appearance in his second season in the league. We'll see what happens.

Our stupid bet aside, this move last night on the game-winner vs. Pitt was ridiculous. That dude with the dreads practically fell out of his sneakers guarding him.

UPDATE: When I originally wrote this post way back during the beginning of the Big East tournament, we had no idea of the ridiculous run that Walker and the Huskies would put together. Now that the entire nation has been witness to the awesomeness of Kemba, I think we all have a little better idea of the type of NBA player that he has the potential to be. Hater J is still hating, but I'm sticking to my bet.


  1. That move was a result of the law of averages

  2. of course. Also notice the classic perp shoes that he's wearing. Jordan 5s.

  3. He hits that in practice 40% of the time, with 20k people watching him, and making crazy noise. So the argument that this was a clutch basket is false.

    All kidding aside, the boy carried. Another fine example of perp moves.

  4. Kemba Walker (36 points) is elite, so is UConn after beating San Diego