Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lock Yard Bay Ridge, a Review

"The Hipsters are coming . THE HIPSTERS ARE COMING" Are what they screamed as the announcement of this Beer Garden was going to be opened. Well to be honest if Hipsters love Artisan Sausages and Fancy Hot Dogs, then I expect to come in my the hundreds. But I am not a Hipster and I am not really sure what one is, but I didn't like my experience at The Lock Yard. Let me break it down for you

First I really liked the Pink Lemonade

It was not too sweet it was refreshing and provided a nice exhilarating quenching of my thirst. It all went down hill from there. I found the menu limiting if I was in the mood for hot dogs and sausages maybe I would have had a different experience, so I tried to make the best of my limited options and ordered a Kings Smoked Beef and Cheddar Sausage with onions. I'm not sure what the bread roll was that they gave it to me in but it dwarfed the sausage and I felt like all I was tasting was onions . Along with my order I ordered waffle fries with two dipping sauces. The first sauce I order was Carolina Gold BBQ and Sweet Bourbon Mustard. The Carolina Gold BBQ was really good, but the Sweet Bourbon Mustard was not sweet or any good, I spoke to a manager about it , he came back with replacement sauce but I didn't taste any improvement. When my fries arrived I thought things were picking up since they brought what appeared to be two portions of fries, now I started thinking "interesting generous portions of fries". When my bill came I got the bad news that for every dipping sauce I ordered , I apparently ordered another portion of fries. So I don't know if my server was just bad or this is a normal practice at The Lock Yard. Along with my experience I ate outside.

It looked nice at outside, but as you see it was pretty empty. Overall I didn't have a good experience , but I am willing to give the place another try, but nexttime I'll be in the mood for some hot dogs.
I give this experience 2.5 hot dogs out of 5

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