Thursday, October 17, 2013

N.F.L. Not for Losers week 7

Hey Folks we are back, and just like the NFL we get some bye weeks too. The last two weeks I have had some interesting experiences with a company that offers to give you sports picks for a price. The first week I contacted them I got a free pick as advertised and it was a winner. "AWESOME"is what I thought, I did had a friend of mine contact them and he got a free pick, and it was a winner "AWESOME TIMES 2" All the time they told me that yes these picks are free, but we normally charge $500.00 a week. "WOAH" is what I thought I mentioned to them that I am not a big gambler, that the most I ever wagered on a game was $100.00, the service then on mention you get 7 picks for $250.00 this week. I told them I would have to think about it. I spoke to my buddy who had gotten a free pick as well and he said it may be worth the expense, again I had to think about it. So my buddy received more calls from them and finally my buddy broke down and said "hey I only have $220.00 bucks" They guy was like "I'll charge your card only $200.00 and i'll give you seven picks" the service then went on to give him two picks that day and they were both winners. I wish I could tell you the story ends with them just giving us more and us still paying them $500.00 a week since we are winning and they are winning. Well what happened over the next week was just not call, they kept harassing my buddy to up sale him to $4,500 a month for a month's worth of picks and of course if he is only wagering a small amount how can one start the week when your minus $4,500?

The final outcome was my buddy stopped taking their calls and he never got the rest of picks he was due. Overall he went 5 &1 with their picks, but any winnings he got, he put towards his life bills and couldn't double up , or make a huge score, had the service just done what it promised to do, I bet my buddy would have started making bigger bets and paying a bigger weekly fee with this company, but all well.

Now on to tonight's action. Teasing is what is going on tonight and it goes like this


TOTAL u75½

TOTAL o28½

Good luck to all tonight

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