Thursday, September 5, 2013

NY Giants Preview

Tonight is the night, FOOTBALL Begins, but here at PTU we are bias . We all bleed blue, except for Bottle who every once in a while claims to be a Jets fan. So instead of breaking down tonight's game we will break down the up and coming season. First lets look at the schedule.

1 Sep 8 @ DAL. Giants own Dallas at Dallas, I don't expect this season to be any different 1-0
2 Sep 15 DEN  Denver is a Super Bowl favorite and Peyton is going to have extra days to prepare against the Giants 1-1
3 Sep 22 @ CAR Giants should handle Cam Newton and the Panthers easily 2-1
4 Sep 29 @ KC Even thou Kansas City is greatly improved they won't be improved enough to beat the Giants 3-1
5 Oct 6 PHI By this Point in the season I expect the Eaglas offense to gel and finally start beating othere teams and one of those teams will be the Giants 3-2
6 Oct 10 @ CHI Bears don't scare me and they won't scare the Giants 4-2
7 Oct 21 MIN When I think of the Vikings I think of Nightmare games for Eli , I don't know why they have his number but they do 4-3
8 Oct 27 @ PHI By this point the Giants should be able to adjust to the Eaglas new offense and beat them 5-3
Week 9 Bye
10 Nov 10 OAK Come on its the Raider 6-3
11 Nov 17 GB Now if your a Giants fan like me you know they always lose 3 games in a row , so expect a loss here 6-4
12 Nov 24 DAL  here 6-5
13 Dec 1 @ WAS BUT what wait Redskins during week 13 , but this point RG3 won't be as quick and agile as he might be during weeks 1,2, or 3. Giants win a close one 7-5
14 Dec 8 @ SD Chargers are terrible 8-5
15 Dec 15 SEA Seattle was impressive last year , but as you know that means nothing in the NFL I look for the Giants to win this game 9-5
16 Dec 22 @ DET Lions shouldn't be playing for anything at this point, Giants will be playing for the Division . I expect the Giants to take care of business. 10-5
17 Dec 29 WAS If I thought RG3 would have health problems in week 13, by week 17 he should be in a wheel chair or on the sidelines. Giants win this game and the Division 11-5

So the Giants are going 11-5 how will that happened?

Its all about Eli Manning if he throws for 250 to 300 yard every game, they won't be losing. If he throws for more then 300 yards I expect that to be a bad thing as they will be far behind and need him to light it up. David Wilson needs to come up big in the running game and protect Eli in the passing packages.

Giants were Ranked 31st in total Defense in 2012. This has and will improve in 2013. I expect the D line and Line backers to be the strong points of this defense with the secondary improving the most.

Either way 2013 is looking to be an exciting year for the NY Giants and Giants fans.

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