Friday, April 29, 2011

Why I Hate The NBA Playoffs: These Two Guys

Ok, anyone who's read PTU over the past couple of weeks can tell I actually love the NBA playoffs, but there are a couple things I hate about the coverage: Franklin and Bash. Yes, if you've watched 10 minutes of a first round game televised on TNT, then you've been witness to these two pricks running around acting a fool every time-out and even during free throws (I have to chuckle every time I hear Kevin Harlan say "This much fun should be illegal"). This happens during every playoffs in every sport. I still have Vietnam flashbacks to the atrocity that was Frank TV burned into my brain from the relentless promotion on TBS during the Yankees 09 playoff run.

The basic premise of this comedy abortion seems to be two hotshot young attorneys, played by noted juice-head Zack Morris and that Jewish guy from Road Trip, who bang chicks in hot tubs and do tv frat-guy stuff like order pizzas and drink light beer all the while kicking serious courtroom ass! Gosselar seems to have his shirt off a lot too. Now, I've had some experience in law firms and no one, I mean NO ONE, is having that much fun every day. Of course, this isn't the first time law offices have been spruced up for entertainment purposes (no one would watch a show about people researching Westlaw for an hour) but these two assholes living it up in between the Thunder Nuggets game every 10 minutes really makes me wish the NBA would consider soccer rules; no commercial breaks until the intermission to spare me from Mark Paul and the other douche high fiveing and generally having more fun than I am on my couch in my boxers. And what's up with that title? At least we can be confident that this show will last about as long as the Knicks-Celtics series, and then we can all go back to waiting for the Hillside Honda girl to come back on during time-outs.


  1. Is that Snoot and Bradley in the picture?

  2. That's not me. Snoot and I are no longer on speaking terms.

  3. I'd rather watch Snoot and Bradley than Franklin and Bash