Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PTU Non-Hip But Good Hall Of Fame #2

This week we are changing things up by allowing you to guess what the Non-Hip But Good spot of the week is.  Please study the picture above as it will provide a valuable clue to the answer. Check below to find the winner after the break...

The winner is...

The pitch and putt course located in Flushing Meadows park is one of the best places to go on a weeknight during the summer. Also, in case you were wondering, the picture used for the clue just happened to be the first golf picture I could find.

So you hate golf and think it is lame? Doesn't matter you'll get twasted and have a good time at the Pitch  N' Putt. First of all, the place has lights that stay on until 11pm every night during the summer. The course is dirt cheap (last season about 15 bucks) and at least decently maintained. Perhaps most importantly there is a beer cart that sells tall boys and there are plenty of good spots to relieve yourself after you drink too much beer. There is no dress code, basically as long as you not running on the course naked you'll be okay. Also, no one seems to mind if you want to smoke up on the course since all the guys driving the beer carts are smoking anyway. This is definitely NOT the place for a serious golf match, but you can't beat it on a nice summer night.


  1. I was going to guess the one that got away.