Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Knicks vs Sixers Preview; The Battle for Sixth Place

The ship seems to have been righted over this past week for the Knicks. Granted, the 4 straight wins were a nail-biter over a Knick killer Jameer Nelsonless Magic team(aided by some questionable hometown whistles), a come from behind win over an awful Nets team, and two straight over the Cavs and Raptors who combined have less wins than the Knicks do this season. But, as bleak as things looked 2 weeks ago, any wins are welcome as the Knickerbockers look to finish up the regular season strong.

Tonight, they'll attempt to get back into 6th place with a win over the somehow pretty damn good 76ers in Philly. Winning the game would be nice in order to move towards a .500 finish (something that hasn't been done post 9/11. Damn you, Al-Qaeda!) , yet the battle for sixth place is pretty meaningless. You don't get any benefits out of being 5th through 8th in the NBA playoff standings (only 1-4 get home court)and as of right now, 2nd and 3rd place are up in the air. Everyone around here wants to see Miami in the first round, but who knows where they'll end up. A higher finish could help you out in the second round, but I don't see that affecting this Knicks team this season. Even the Knicks themselves aren't sure if they care about moving up. Amare said they definitely want the 6th seed, while Carmelo (in true Melo fashion) said "we don't care if we're 6 or 7".

Either way, it would be nice to get a win tonight, if not for any seeding issues, then to build some momentum for the stretch run. On top of that, Philadelphia fans are horrible, horrible people.

That being said, I still see the Knicks winning streak being snapped tonight, and losing their chance for the coveted Sixth seed.


  1. Looks like me and Toney Douglas both had tacos last night.

  2. That was the face you were making on the slob den toilet this morning?

  3. guess that makes dru holiday m@d's toilet?