Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jim Thome - Hall of Fame?

The real life Paul Bunyan, Jim Thome, is within weeks of hitting his 600th home run. Consider two facts: one, that Thome has never been linked to performance-enhancing drugs; and two, that every non-steroid player who has ever hit 500 or more home runs has made the Hall of Fame. Makes a strong case for the big doofy lumberjack.

The positive: 589 home runs (8th all-time), 1627 RBIs (30th), .559 slugging (20th), .404 on-base (49th), 1535 runs (57th), and 5 all-star game appearances.

The negative: .277 average, 2401 strike-outs (2nd), 0 MVPs, 0 World Series Rings (he was on the Indians team that lost in the 11th inning to the Marlins, and the Philles won 3 years after he left the team). Also, he was not known as a good defensive player.

Does he make it to Cooperstown? Would he fit through the door frame?



  1. He now has 590 home runs. A 277 average is actually not that bad for a power hitter. If he's number 2 in strike outs, he's right behind Reggie Jackson who had a worse batting avg. (around 260 I think), less homers, and was not so great fielder.

    I don't love the strike out total stat for careerpower hitters though. I find the strike out total per 162 games to be more meaningful since this dude has been playing for what feels like 200 years and is likely to pile on the strikeotus.

    Taking a look at the guys ahead of him are the K's per 162 games.

    Thome - 162
    Ruth - 133
    Aaron - 68
    Mays - 83
    Griffey - 108

  2. It is close but I think he has to get in given that every other player with that sat is in. Definitely a 50/50 shot though in reality.

  3. Hey Snoot, you think you can get me in the Hall Of Fame?