Monday, April 4, 2011

Everybody's Working For Their Welfare

Recently the MTA announced that they would be brining back WEP program which allows welfare recipients to earn their welfare money by cleaning the subway. The original program was started by TWU president Willie James back in 1996. It was eventually disbanded when the stupid MTA claimed they could do the work "more cheaply" which makes no sense.

Some people think this type of program exploits poor people and cuts into union jobs, but please keep in mind that we are talking about sweeping and mopping a subway platform. This is not a skilled or dangerous job, and having the welfare recipients do the work benefits them (they have the opportunity to gain full time employment), the MTA, and the public. I hope I'm not turning into a conservative Republican like Botttle, but this is a great idea and it should be expanded across the city provided the government doesn't get in the way. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any protection for workers with unskilled jobs, but you have to let the free markets work. According to, in 2009 the average transit cleaner made $42,360 per year. While that may not seem like a lot of money for NYC, given how many people are looking for work I have to think it would be EASY to fill the positions for much less.

Of course this debate wouldn't be complete without some commentary from the readers of the NYDN, which you can find after the jump...

"Alley viper what does jews have to do with this story, you sound like a racist biggot, go stfu yourself, I have seen people from diffrent races and religions working on Welfare work to earn you check program and even some Jews work for their welfare check, if you dont know don't post your ignorant garbage."

"WEP program stops the bring back the laid off cleaner first. This program only hurt the worthwhile High School grads of the inner New York City from stepping into an chance at a carreer with the NYC Transit. Keep High school grad a burger flipper, and they will become welfare. Give a decent paying job and look to future like train operator, make a city great"

"Able bodied welfare reciprients should be required to work...there should be no FREE LUNCH. Perhaps they would feel it is an improvement in their lives to be a part of the work force. As to the question posted here this mandate should include ALL....not be based on race, color or religion !"


  1. they make 42k a year? That job sucks but any idiot could do it.

  2. Quite a conservative stance Snoot.

  3. I'm all for unions, but with things the way they are now why should someone make 50K per year to push a broom? I'm not even saying we get rid of existing workers, but as they retire them be replaced by people who are on welfare. The reason the MTA loses so much money (besides being inept) is that no private company would pay what they do for menial labor.

  4. Class warfare is inevitable.

    Let them slaughter each other. I will be drinking snooty beer on my boat in Lake Ronkonkoma.

    They deserve their chains.

  5. Hi Fake Snoot (aka Bottle), that is not what I meant but nice try Mr. Tea Party.

    I'm advocating that people on welfare get an opportunity to gain work experience, get a chance at a full time job, while at the same time saving you money by passing the savings along to the straphangers.

    Class warfare would be the new budget proposed by the Republicans today. I understand the need to cut spending and curb some waste on certain programs, but lowering the top tax rates for wealthy individuals and business seems a bit crazy right now...

  6. I don't expect any radical change in our welfare state without violence. It will come from the millions of government dependents desperate to maintain their sinecures and incomes at the instigation of their 'leaders', the poverty pimps, the race pimps, the ethnic pimps and advocates for illegals, organized labor, perhaps even farmers. Don't forget the environmentalists who have not been shy about 'direct action' in the past. They will be cheered on by a biased media who will make every effort to demonize reforms.

    I foresee riots like in the 60's that will finish off many of our major urban areas like Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles.

    We were given just a small taste by the response in Wisconsin to serious reform and that's just a drop in the bucket compared to what is now being proposed.

    They won't win because they can't. We're broke.