Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heat vs. Celtics Preview: LeBron's Revenge?

This is what we've all been waiting for, and by "we" I mean everyone who pays attention to LeBron James, all of the haters and those of us who hate him a little bit less. When Bron made his decision last summer, you know he had the Celtics in mind. If they could get a big 3 together and torture him in the postseason, why the hell not form his own super team on South Beach? He was coming off an ugly playoff loss to Boston in which he would be accused of everything from choking under the pressure to actually intentionally tanking a game. Everyone from his former owner (who basically made the allegation that he threw games 5 and 6 despite a triple double in the latter) to Bill Simmons (who has hinted that a certain player named Delonte having relations with his mother may have been the reason for his end of series change in attitude, and who just so happens to play for the Celtics now) have analyzed the last 3 games of last year's Cavs-Celtics series like it was the zapruder film. LeBron has to come out and average close to a triple double, 30 points and some how manage some end of game shots to get the Boston monkey off his back. If he can do that, with the help of his new buddies, he can at least say the most unpopular decision in sports history would be somewhat worth it. Hate all you want on him, but he got past the Celtics finally.

That's easier said than done. The Celtics played like garbage for about 40% of the Knicks series but still managed the first sweep of the Big 3 era. The Heat are kind of a magnified version of the Knicks (by about 1000 percent, but still) as they throw 3 good to great players out there alongside a motley crew of nobodies, except their big trio is actually healthy. They'll also have trouble keeping up with Rondo and have no real intimidators on the interior, even if their defense is still near the top of the league. Boston seemed to progressively get better in the last series (minus about a 8 minute period in the second half of the close out game) and the ridiculous stretched out schedule for this series (David Stern needs the Heat on Sunday) should benefit the Celtic senior citizens. Ex Miami center Shaq might even make some appearances before he breaks his hip.Home court is usually a big deal, but this veteran Boston team can win on the road so that shouldn't be a huge issue. Whatever happens, it should be intense and all of us haters will be watching. I hate all things Boston and especially these Celtics so it'll be tough for me, but I think I hate this Heat team even more.

Celtics win a game 7 in Miami.


  1. I hate to admit it, but I'm going against my man Lebron and picking the Celtics. Why? I think it has to do with the players around the Big 3. If Haslam was healthy and Mike Miller could contribute at all (like he was supposed to do), I'd probably take the Heat. You can't overlook how important the loss of those two guys is. (And I consider Miller a loss because he sucks so bad, it's pretty much like he never played for them.)

    Celtics take it in 7, Miami gets them next year if they can build up their supporting cast.

  2. Well, I was impressed with the Heat today...James Jones stepped up and the defense held the line. I think the Heat need that fourth guy to provide 15-20 points to win in this series, but maybe JJ can keep hitting the three.

    Its also a good bet the Heat can take care of business if they stifle Rondo. Let Allen or that actress Paul Pierce drop 20-25 pts, it won't matter if rondo is not drawing fouls and dishing 10 assists. He dismantled the Knicks last series.

  3. The Heat won at home by a couple points - not a big deal. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, won IN OKC BY 13 when Durant went for 33/11, Westbrook 29/8/6, and Ibaka had 16/11 with 5 blocks.

    My point is that OKC didn't simply have an off game. They came with it and the Griz still beat them pretty bad.

  4. James Jones was really the third guy since Bosh did nothing. Rondo was in foul trouble and didn't play almost the whole second quarter. I think the Celtics will get it together and still win in 7.