Friday, April 1, 2011

Whitey Shoe of the Week

These New Balance running shoes are the perfect white person shoe. Devoid of any of that flash or color that the "other" people like to wear, these shoes are made for the true purpose of "running" shoes. To go running of course! Or strap them on and read that Wall Street Journal early Sunday morning while you watch Meet the Press. Also great for weekend activities such as hiking upstate, a tasty Starbucks break, or just lounging around watching Modern Family. Match it with your grey and black North Face fleece and wear them out on a night on the town playing flip cup or rocking out at a Springsteen concert. Available in all white, all black and even whiter.


  1. Everyone knows that New Balance shoes are the official shoes of plain 65 year old white men. They issue them when you join AARP.

  2. That is the last time I tell you about my weekend.

  3. Chinese shoe of the week: dollar flip-flops.

    Black guy shoe of the week: whatever $180 sneaker everyone else is wearing.

    PR shoe of the week: chancletas that your wife bought you.

    This one is too easy...