Monday, May 7, 2012

Knicks Finally End the Losing Streak

The nightmare is finally over. The Knicks have broken their ridiculous playoff win drought and have also avoided being swept for the second straight season. Yes, they're only delaying the inevitable but not even rooting for your team because you "know" they're going to lose is for pussies and Jets fans. For one day the Knicks can say they are winners thanks to dominating play by Carmelo and surprisingly effective play by that dumbass Amar'e, (who I now take back everything I've ever said about). It almost ended as one of the most heartbreaking losses in Knicks history, and would have made Amar'e and in particular Carmelo the goat instead of the GOAT that he wants to be, but thankfully D Wade's rushed three pointer was off the mark. So what does this mean for the franchise? Nothing and everything. It means almost nothing as to the series outcome. I fully expect the Heat to slam the door shut in Miami on Wednesday, but it means a whole lot for the franchise and it's players. As sad as it sounds for the expectations of the fans and the front office, one win means Mike Woodson will almost certainly be given the full time gig, it means Amar'e's reputation will probably survive the "extinguisher" with a solid, gutsy performance. So will Carmelo's reputation (barring a complete no show in the next game). If Wade's shot goes in, we'd all be talking about his 1 out of 3 from the line in the last minute rather than his 41 points that saved the season.

Most of all, though, one win means Knicks fans finally got to see a playoff win for the first time since before LeBron had his prom, before Blacky had lost his virginity, even before Facebook existed. Shit, Myspace wasn't even a thing yet. In the grand scheme of the NBA playoffs, one measly victory means almost nothing. But we beleaguered Knicks fans will take whatever we can get, until this series ends and we can go back to being complaining, miserable human beings again. Before, the only bright spot of this week had been shouting "AAAAAASHOOOOOLLEEE" at the top of our lungs at LeBron. It's been 11 years since Sprewell, Camby, Childs and the rest won a game. That's 11 years of Marbury, Isiah, Curry, and an army of sucky players sapped the energy from the fan base. That's the difference between lost in 5, and being swept on your own homecourt. One win is enough for now.


  1. What kind of breathless platitudes is Lupica writing about this crazy team, all arms and legs and talent?

  2. Lupica wrote a gushy column about the warrior Amar'e the other day, he's been busy bashing republicans to worry about the Knicks.