Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 6 Samuel L. Jackson Cameos

You probably heard there's a movie coming out on Friday called The Avengers. It's the culmination of basically every Marvel superhero movie that's come out in the past 4 or 5 years. It's going to be awesome and make 8 zillion dollars in it's first weekend. You're going to talk about it this weekend with someone guaranteed even if you're just saying "ehh I don't know, Thor was pretty lame, I don't think I'm going to see it". But you will talk about it. And we don't know if it'll be really cool like the first Iron Man, or not so great like I heard Thor was, but I'll definitely think about it in between the mass of sporting events this weekend. One thing we do know about it is it will feature Samuel L. Jackson as black Nick Fury, a guy who already cameoed in the other Marvel movies leading up to this. Sam's made like 38 thousand movies, and maybe 10 of them have been really good, but he is the master of the memorable cameo, popping up in all sorts of movies for a few minutes and then either disappearing or dying. What were his top 6 motherfuckin cameos? (6 because I couldn't settle on 5).

6) Kill Bill

Sam's a Tarantino favorite, along with Michael Madsen and Uma Thurman's feet. He's starred in or cameoed in almost every flick that Q.T. has directed (including an uncredited voiceover in Inglorious Basterds). In this one, he just pops up for a second playing the guitar, but it was a welcome surprise.

5) Coming to America
Sam is so awesome in this as a deranged stick up man who attempts to rob McDowell's. This performance falls into his early crackhead stage, which was also on display in Jungle Fever. He is eventually taken down by Akeem and Semi and called a rhinoceros pizzle or something but not before turning in one of his most ripping cameos.

4)Iron Man

The Avengers was still years away, but fanboys were first introduced to the idea that there would be a movie at all with Sam's quick cameo at the end of the credits as Nick Fury and millions of comic book geeks lost their friggin' minds.

3) Goodfellas

This might be more than a cameo, I suppose, since he actually has a couple lines and a name, but Stacks was one of those "guy who shows up and promptly dies" characters that I mentioned earlier. Dying in your tighty whiteys after a night with one of your bitches is embarrassing but there are certainly worse ways to go than Joe Pesci pumping 6 shots into your head in slow motion. "You're gonna be late for your own funeral".

2) The Other Guys

This slightly underrated Will Ferrell movie from a couple years ago is great for about an hour and change before devolving into a kind of lame action movie, but until then it's vintage Ferrell. And it also includes one of the best SLJ cameos, although he actually was a large part of the marketing campaign, making his early demise alongside The Rock so funny. "Let's do this".

1) Deep Blue Sea

This movie is pretty forgettable besides LL Cool J's soundtrack song that featured an amazing chorus (DEEPEST! BLUEST! MY HAT IS LIKE A SHARK'S FIN!!!) and Sam's cameo and second straight early demise on this list. After delivering a stirring monologue, he's promptly eaten by a shark. Now that I think of it, I could have made this list top 5 Sam Jackson death scenes, since he dies in almost every movie he's in. Stay tuned for that list coming soon.

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