Friday, April 29, 2011

Grading the First 32 picks in the NFL draft (Simple version)

TeamPlayer NamePosGradeComment
1Carolina PanthersCam NewtonQBCBust
2Denver BroncosVon MillerLBAPro Bowler
3Buffalo BillsMarcell DareusDTBLong Career all depends on how hard he wants to work
4Cincinnati BengalsA.J. GreenWRAPro Bowler most likely will not finish career with Bengals
5Arizona CardinalsPatrick PetersonCBA+Hall of Fame talent, but this the NFL a lot can happen
6Atlanta FalconsJulio JonesWRB-They gave up a lot to get him and this player won’t get them over the top.
7San Francisco 49ersAldon SmithDECBust
8Tennessee TitansJake LockerQBC-They need a QB but its a reach at 8
9Dallas CowboysTyron SmithOTA+Pro Bowler He will be eating D linemen in this draft for years.
10Jacksonville JaguarsBlaine GabbertQBBGood guy to groom, will be in ready in a few years . Long Career
11Houston TexansJ.J. WattDECBust might last a while since he has Mario Williams to take on some double teams
12Minnesota VikingsChristian PonderQBF-Will not pan out in their system. Will find success with another team.
13Detroit LionsNick FairleyDTA+Pro Bowler, Brett Favre is even happier to be retired now.
14St. Louis RamsRobert QuinnDEDBust
15Miami DolphinsMike PounceyOLBLong Career
16Washington RedskinsRyan KerriganDECBust
17New England PatriotsNate SolderOLA+Doesn’t Matter what I say Coach Belichick will make this work
18San Diego ChargersCorey LiugetDTB+Borderline Pro Bowler Long career
19New York GiantsPrince AmukamaraCBB-If he can adjust to the NFL long career with some pro bowls
20Tampa Bay BuccaneersAdrian ClaybornDLFBust has limit motion in his right arm, most D linemen have a tough time with two arms in the NFL.
21Cleveland BrownsPhil TaylorDLB-Long Career
22Indianapolis ColtsAnthony CastonzoOLAMore time for Manning to throw.
23Philadelphia EaglesDanny WatkinsOLC+Eagles tend to get value out of the OL they draft every year.
24New Orleans SaintsCameron JordanDEBLong Career
25Seattle SeahawksJames CarpenterOLD-This is the borderline what were they thinking play of the year.
26Kansas City ChiefsJonathan BaldwinWRC-Not a Need for them will get lost in the Kansas City shuffle
27Baltimore RavensJimmy SmithCBB+Ravens will make this pick with their system and they need to start getting young on Defense.
28New Orleans SaintsMark IngramRBA+They need running help and they got it.
29Chicago BearsGabe CarimiOLAAnother OL men will be feasting on the D line men drafted this year.
30New York JetsMuhammad WilkersonDTB+They need this, its a weakness for them, they upgraded.
31Pittsburgh SteelersCam HeywardDTBLong Career
32Green Bay PackersDerek SherrodOLAProtect the Franchise, they will with this pick

My final note: 90% of the D linemen drafted will be a bust.


  1. My favorite comment is "Doesn’t Matter what I say Coach Belichick will make this work."

  2. That Bowers kid from Clemson dropped a lot right? I thougt he would be a first roind pick at least. What happened?

  3. M@d, this is a great draft report. You weren't afraid to make bold predictions, dishing out A+'s and F's where you saw fit.

    Saints trading for Ingram may be a big move. You gave him an A+ - you think he'll be that good?

  4. Hater J text me this morning to tell me the Giants got the guy from Coming To America.

    "When you think of garbage, think of Prince".

  5. Chris Ponder an F-? WOW. We're gonna have to hold M@d to that one... we'll see how Ponder pans out.

  6. Remember this line...."The Giants of New York took on the Packers of Green Bay. And in the end, the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pigskin through a big "H". It was a most ripping victory."

    Who would have thought he'd play for the Giants of New York.

  7. This post made me SOOOOOOO HORNY!!!

  8. @ apple - Son, I'm going to tell you this once, stay off the drugs.

    Chris Ponder is awful. Anyone who bet college football down the stretch of the season knows he's an inconsistent butthole.

  9. Bowers dropped due to knee issues.

  10. Grades were based on team need and value of player selected. Saints get A+ since they addressed a need and did with best running back in the draft.

  11. Ponder has never seen snow and will play 2 games in green bay and Chicago. His talents do not fit Minnesotas game. Hence the horrible grade

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  13. Saints getting Ingram means that Reggie Bush is the odd man out. He even said goodbye to the fans already. So where does he end up? Any teams make more sense that others?

  14. If Reggie Bush takes a pay cut and plays the role of a 3RD down back and on special teams returning kicks. This all assumes he has not lost a step due to age and various injuries.