Friday, April 8, 2011

This Date in History: RIP Kurt Cobain

Even though the actual anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death was Tuesday, April 8th was the day he was found in his home with the shot gun pointed at his chin, so today is really the anniversary of everyone finding out about his death. That was a huge deal, so in essence today is the anniversary of the day Kurt Cobain died.

As I said in my post about Biggie that everyone found so crazy, people tend to sentimentalize famous people's deaths, especially when they die as young as Kurt and Biggie did, and there's the risk of over rating the dead. But in Cobain's case, all the praise and tributes are deserved. He really was crazily influential on music and it sucks that he was so messed up and went the way he did, when he was just starting to really become super famous. The fame was ironic, since so many people found his style of music and attitude refreshing at the time, but he supposedly hated Smells Like Teen Spirit, and the attention that song and album brought on Nirvana. The tortured drug addict artist is a favorite iconic American image (and was something that he bought into), but it is a damn shame that Kurt went out that way.

RIP Kurt Cobain


  1. Kurt is defintely another example of someone whose legacy grew because of his untimely death. (I believe a post Johnny Bagels had a few weeks back talked about that). He was a talented and troubled man who basically brought a sub-culture of underground music from Seattle to the masses. I never had a chance to see Nirvana live and I kind of regret that.

  2. I think he deserves the legacy (even if it is a little exaggerated because of his death)because he brought this type of music to the masses. Sad case.