Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Four Preview

In what would amount to a strong case for the theory that the NBA's age restriction policy is ruining college basketball, the Final Four tips off tonight without any number one teams or really great teams involved. Stern's rule raising the age of NBA draft eligibility, while supposedly helping the young kids who everyone was so up in arms over not getting a useless "education", has instead resulted in an era of one and done college stars, who turn pro as soon as they complete their one year of prerequisite classes. I'm sure that intro to sociology course will come in handy when Brandon Knight is shooting three's for the Bobcats next year.

Anyway, there is still some intrigue tonight, as the two games feature two perennial favorite (and hated) colleges and two lovable underdogs. In the undercard, the pesky Butler Bulldogs (last year's Rudy) take on the even peskier and more surprising VCU. If you say you had that game in your Final Four bracket, you're a filthy liar and a bad person. While Butler made it all the way to the championship game last year, and was a half court shot off the back rim away from winning it, no one saw the Rams coming this year. Dick Vitale said they didn't even belong on the tournament court. As has been well documented, they've taken down big program after big program on their run. Both teams also employ two pint sized coaches who look like ball boys as well to match their cinderella teams' David vs. Goliath spirits. To quote the Rudy like character who gets left off the bus taking the Springfield men to The Super Bowl on the Simpsons, "What I lack in size I make up for in obnoxiousness!". I think Butler will use their experience from last year and end VCU's crazy run.

The main event pits the Uconn Kembas vs. The Kentucky Wildcats. Hater J will most likely be torn tonight on who to hate more. Calipari vs. Calhoun (slippery Eyetalian vs. annoying New England Irishman) and PTU mascot Kemba Walker vs. the usual collection of Kentucky perps. Since a comet hitting Houston tonight is unlikely, J will probably have to pull for Kentucky if only so he doesn't have to hear about Kemba from me and M@d Scientist for a few months. The Cats will be focusing much of their defense on Kemba, so Jeremy Lamb will have to keep his coming out party going, along with the same contributions from the big guys with the funny last names and the point guard with the funny first name that we saw in March. I like the Huskies to keep the momentum going tonight, and Hater J to turn the TV off in disgust half way through.


  1. Surpirisingly hatred for Calipari outweighs my hatred for Calhoun. I love to see that asshole get exposed for his bad "throw the ball on the court and let my crazy athletes play".

    I was happy to see that douchebag milkshake get exposed for his lack of coaching again. Calhoun now has an opportunity to show the country what a dick he is. Let's go Bulldogs.

  2. Not to mention I can't stand the Kentucky program independent of Cal. Their history of bigotry and idolization of one of the largest bigots of all time(Adolf Rupp) makes me sick.

  3. Adolf Rupp's Spirit in HellApril 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    Yeah, my bad.