Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cam Newton 2011 NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft only an hour and a half away (it starts at 8:00pm tonight), it's perfect timing for a PTU sneak preview.

The Panthers with the #1 pick will undoubtedly take Cam Newton. How can they not? Rarely ever in the history of football have we seen someone this talented. Sure, he may be a stupid perp, but you can't deny the talent he has, and you definitely can't deny that the Panthers need a QB. He's a lock. According to the scouts, the other consideration for the #1 pick is a guy by the name of Von Miller, who I'm pretty sure played in a rock band during the 70's. Let's keep it real: Cam's going #1 and you know it.

According to the mock draft, the Giants and Jets are on the verge of making some interesting picks.

The Giants, with the #19 pick, will be taking Anthony Castonzo, a Staten Island native and Jersey Shore bartender. Okay, I made that up. He's a big white guy that went to Boston College and that's all I really know about him.

The Jets, with the #30 pick, will be taking Lawerence.. oh wait... I mean Phil Taylor (no relation), some humongous guy who went to Baylor. Since I don't know much about him either, I recommend that Jets trade up and get Cam Newton.


  1. The "experts" called me extremely talented.

  2. PTU doesn't work well on my computer. I made a few typos that I can't fix, it wont let me put spaces after periods, and it wouldn't let me add a part about LT (with a good pic).

    Oh well...

    CAM #1!!!

    Really though, if you were the Panthers you wouldn't take Cam Newton?