Friday, April 1, 2011

Isiah Thomas: Misunderstood Genius

The other day, Kansas City sports columnist and Fox Sports contributor (and also genius) Jason Whitlock wrote a column defending Isiah Thomas. I couldn't agree more. Although he gets unjustified mistreatment from the media and fans, there is no denying the brilliance of this man.

Zeke has been a success in all ventures since his retirement from playing. His tenure as president of the CBA was flawless and was just a sign of things to come. Sure, his running of the Knicks might be maligned by everyone, but that is nothing but pure racism. Nobody ever booed or chanted for firing a white man in charge of the Knicks! Only a former player of his caliber could see the greatness in Jared Jeffries or Jerome James. The idiots who watch and write about basketball for a living only see insignificant "showy" stats like scoring, rebounding, defense, passing, intelligence, fundamentals, good team play, and whatever else you "stat geeks" want to throw around. He also showed his vision in trading for former great players like Steve Francis and Jalen Rose. Zeke really has a love for the aging athlete. And we all know about his great drafting record, but Isiah knew that draft picks weren't really a big deal. Who else would have the bravery to trade away unprotected lottery picks for unproven players? Not a coward, that's who.

Isiah's genius couldn't be confined to the court though. His impact on relations with female employees was the sign of a real man. None of that sissy stuff about respecting women. Go to the ballet with that, Lupica! And who among us wouldn't throw our own child under the bus when we almost overdosed on sleeping pills? What are children for, you bleeding heart liberals?

So next time someone tries to trash talk PTU hero, Isiah Thomas, you tell them just to look at the man's track record.

Isiah Thomas, PTU salutes you.


  1. I totally agree with this post.

    And good thing Zeke got involved in the Carmelo trade, the Knicks needed a player with strong character.

  2. I forgot to mention his ability to simultaneously coach a horrible college team while advising the knicks on terrible decisions

  3. Whoever you are, Bottle, you make my senseless hating of LeBron seem reasonable with your hate of Carmelo. You have an excuse though, I heard you don't have cable.

  4. Zeke is finally getting the respect he deserves. Amen.

  5. I just gave zeke a special finger salute. Hope he appreciates it!

  6. If it wasn't for Zeke I wouldn't have been able to conduct those illegal workouts that helped us land Wilson Chandler. Respect.