Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump: Still A Douche Bag

This guy is the symbol of everything that is wrong with politics. I don't even mean his own politics, but the fact that Donald Trump is even in the discussion is an indictment of not just the sad state of the Republican party but of the political discourse in America. For the last 20 years or so, The Donald has been a joke. A strange looking, loud mouth with a proudly awful hair cut that is more successful at branding himself (albeit impressively) than as a real estate mogul. There are thousands of more successful people in his field (many of his properties have declared bankruptcy), but none are as good as him at getting their name put on almost every building in a city and promoting themselves. His reality show and outspoken ways are what made him so famous (and even more rich) despite the fact that he's the embodiment of the "born on third and thought he hit a triple" saying.

So why is this clown some how near the top of certain polls of GOP presidential candidates for 2012?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I would venture to guess that it's name recognition. I have no problem with thoughtful conservatives who are passionate about their core beliefs but also think things through without holding up Red pom poms. But the idea of Trump being a viable candidate for any public office is a big, ugly, goofy haired example of how many Americans view politics: as another thing to root for. We root for our political parties like sports teams. Barry Bonds did steroids and is almost definitely a huge asshole. San Francisco fans love him, because he's their juice head gorilla. Same for Laker fans with Kobe. Fans look past their guys' flaws as long as he suits up for their team. Trump donates money to Democratic candidates and has been married 4 times; the party of family values can look past it because he's their guy. And just like in sports, the hatred that he inspires in the other side only adds to his likeability. Blue staters haaaate Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. So Republicans can add another F you to the liberals by endorsing them. Never mind that he has ridiculous beliefs like Obama wasn't born in this country (I still think a lot of the Birthers think Hawaii is not part of this country), he's standing up to that socialist and bringing our country back. Top it off with the fact that he's honest and American people are falling in love with Donald for the first time. Who gives a damn what you're saying as long as it's honest.

Image and charisma were probably 40% of what got Obama elected and his status as a "celebrity" more so than leader was a huge talking point for the McCain campaign, so it works for both sides. It's a part of democracy that the candidate with the recognizable hook has a better chance. But the fact that Trump is even considered an option as a leader of the free world makes me long for the days of John McCain and Bob Dole; Old crotchety guys who no one could accuse of being celebrities first. Trump is a douche bag and hopefully this publicity stunt comes to a close soon.



  1. His dad worked hard to build up their wealth by creating middle class housing in NY. Then Donald was born and ran a couple of casinos into the ground and fired people on a horrible TV show. If Trump gets elected, the U.S. will be the laughing stock of the world. I really hope Mitt Romney or at least someone with a brain wins the Republican nomination since it's not looking good for Obama.

  2. Did anyone catch that interview where they asked Trump about Roe v. Wade, and he he was like, "Oh yes, I'm pro-life. I've said that many times." For some reason, I thought the guy who was married four times, only dates models, and own casinos might be pro-choice.

  3. Trump speaks for himself...and he's still a complete douche bag.

    "The Donald" is the epitome of what's really wrong with America:
    Multi-billionaires (Bill Gates being the exception) who only care about themselves. The rest of us are simply obstacles in the road to crush - pillaging average Americans with low wage/under-insured jobs.