Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mets Fan Appeal To The Wilpons: SELL THE TEAM!

Even if we don't like to admit it to Yankees fans, Mets fans have it tough in this town. We might try to be optimistic, and about every 25 years or so something good happens, but most of the time  we suffer. This fact seems to be lost upon the Wilpon family, who have now demonstrated that not only don't they know how to run a baseball club, they also make some pretty bad business decisions. How else do you explain a major market baseball team ranked #5 in franchise value posting a reported net loss of $50M in 2010. Revenue was reportedly down $60M dollars last year, and not surprisingly 2011 attendance is expected to be significantly lower as the team continues to play like crap. This is all after a new stadium was built only two years ago. If you ask me, the stadium is the best thing about being a Mets fan in 2011.

For anyone who wants to read a detailed account of how the Wilpons have made us suffer, you can find that here on the Mets fan blog "Faith and Fear in Flushing". 

We have suffered for too long. The Mets are not run the way a NY baseball organization should be run. They don't focus on baseball fundamentals, they treat the fans like idiots, and they expose the team to potential financial ruin by investing with the likes of Madoff. They leave us to defend ourselves against Yankee fans while offering no real hope of building a solid team. They are a classless organization, firing Willie Randolph over the phone shortly after taking the Mets to the NLCS. 

Here is my goal for the season. Mets fans, here is my appeal to you. Please boycott this team. Drive them out of business. Make them lose money. The only winning season we can have in 2011 is the Wilpons selling the team to someone who knows what they are doing and wants to bring a winner to NL baseball in NYC. 


  1. If the Mets the Keep winning hopefully that makes selling easier as the value of the Franchise will increase.

  2. Beating up on the Dbacks and the Nats doesn't really count as winning.

  3. wow, now I feel sorry for Mets fans. Should I participate in the boycott too? Had plans to go next Friday.

  4. Next Tuesday is bring your glove to the game night. One lucky fan will get to play the outfield in the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings, once the game is out of reach. If this goes well, every home game Pelfrey pitches will have this promotion.