Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jimmer in New York?

In the upcoming 2011 draft, the Knicks have the #16 pick - precisely where most draft experts believe Jimmer Fredette will fall. The Knick's current plan is to wait until Billups comes off contract (at the end of next year) and look towards signing an all-star PG like Paul or D Williams, with the hope that they can somehow afford a third big free agent signing. Don't worry Knicks fans, I have an alternative plan to this delusional pipe dream.

Consider this: instead of pursuing another all-star player that they can't afford, the Knicks could draft Jimmer and have Billups mentor him during the final year of his contract. Then, the Knicks could use the extra Billups money to fill their needs - depth and defense. They could sign a better center and bring in some decent role players.

Here's what the starting 5 could look like, with a few good role players behind them:

*Decent center

What do you think?


  1. By the way, if you're afraid that the nice little Mormom boy will run in fear from first sight of New York City, consider that he is from New York State, although not exactly an urban area (Glen Falls, about a half an hour outside of Albany).

  2. He would have a great time coming out to the clubs with me and Amare in NYC.

    Get it done Bottle!

  3. I doubt Mike D'Antoni will be coach for long.

    I doubt Jimmer can run point in an NBA system.

    We already have Toney Douglas who can shoot, plays good on ball defense, but struggles to run an efficient point. Why take another undersized guy who can shoot BUT can't run point and plays no defense?

    There are a ton of bonehead GM's with lottery picks this year (Kahn being one of them). He may may not be on the board.

    Jimmer is best suited playing role player for a team that needs a cheap deep threat where he'll have all day to shoot (like Miami). The Knicks are going to need a point guard who can run point.

  4. Shelvin Mack of Butler would be the next PG on the board.

    Too bad Kemba will probably go in the top ten.

  5. He's definitely not a point guard, in college or the NBA.

  6. How many Tacos can he throw down on a Tuesday?

  7. Click on Jimmer in New York - he's listed as a PG.

    I heard a rumor Jimmer ate 22 tacos.

  8. I don't think he can play point guard, even if he was listed as one because of his size. He's a shooter.

  9. Jimmer = JJ Reddick. Great college player, good role player in the pros.

  10. I was listed as a point guard too.

  11. Jimmer, you ain't no Allen Iverson.

  12. James Taft "Jimmer" FredetteApril 5, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    @ Bagels - You're right! White people who aren't wanna be thugs love me!