Saturday, April 2, 2011

What The Hell's Going On At Fort Hamilton?

Something crazy is happening on Shore Road. For the second time in the past month, New York High School football powerhouse (and Alma mater of about half of PTU) Fort Hamilton High School is in the news for the wrong reasons.

In March, some crazy ROTC girl (for differing reasons depending on who you ask) used her chemistry class beaker to potentially disfigure her friendemy. Now, this nutjob in a soccer jersey is on the front page of the tabloids being led out in cuffs for allegedly threatening to go all Columbine on the school. The hell is going on over there? Either it's just a sign of the crazy times or something's been slipped in the chicken patties that's driving people nuts.

According to PTU sources who are still involved with the school, Mrs.Milo is "nutty but harmless" and this isn't her first incident of bugging out. Of course, like most eccentric teachers she's loved by her students who can't believe she was serious. I suppose it could have just been an April Fools' gag gone wrong but it's still strange to see Fort in the papers again for something besides PSAL championships.


  1. That pic of that nut is from myspace. Isn't myspace reserved for porn stars and stuff. Normal people aren't on that anymore.

  2. That's another sign that she's loony I guess.