Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Ron Artest Hall of Fame (Formerly the PTU Keeping It Real Hall of Fame)

Sometime in early February 2011, a group of ambitious and bored friends from Brooklyn decided to turn their e-mails into a blog so the whole world could share in our bull shit. 32 years earlier Ron Artest was born. And there has never been a better fit between player and meaningless blog.

Ron captures everything about a keeping it real athlete in one somewhat disturbed package:

  • He admitted to drinking Hennessy at halftime of games.
  • He ran into the crowd and punched opposing team's fans (completely unrelated to the Hennessy thing)
  • Witnessed at least one death on the court as a youth involving a table chair through the heart
  • Thanked his Psychiatrist in his post-game 7 on court interview and then appeared at the press conference with what seemed like half of Queensbridge
  • Got pulled over driving a street legal racing car in Los Angeles mid-day traffic
  • Has a hip-hop record label, Tru Warrior Records, which he once had carved into his head (his hair, that is, although carving it into his head would be even more keeping it real).
  • Does not seem to be phased by big game situations, such as game 7s.
  • Kisses his biceps after routine lay-ups

The PTU Keeping it Real Hall of Fame is now officially the Ron Artest Hall of Fame; Let us bask in the realness that is Ron-Ron. Say Queensbridge.


  1. You neglected to mention that after the Lakers won the NBA Championship he went straight to the club with his jersey on.

  2. Damn, you're right. There's a lot of real stuff I probably forgot.

  3. And had his entire family on stage for the post game interview. One, a child with corn rows and a wife beater.