Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PTU Snooty Beer of the Week: When Animals Attack

This week for the Snooty Beer of the Week I'm going with one of the first snooty beers I ever tried. It was at this hole in the wall with sticky floors that I first made the mistake of drinking a whole liter of this below to find out what the elephant is hiding...

Surprisingly this beer is relatively new, as it was first brewed in 1989. I can go into all the details on how it tastes and the fact that it is made with three yeasts, but all you need to know is that it is a clean drinking Belgian Strong Ale (8.5%ABV) that will quickly knock you on your ass. If you are wondering, the beer is named after the "shakes" an alcoholic will experience during rapid alcohol withdrawal.

The one time I made the mistake of drinking a liter of this quickly the last thing I remembered was the pink elephants on the bottle before I woke up in bed. This same brewery also makes some special edition Delirium that are really good, especially the Delirium Noel during the holidays.

Although the beer is really good, I've heard from people that visited the actual brewery in Belgium that they are somewhat a bunch of assholes. So skip the trip to Belgium and just get bombed at Peculiar Pub.


  1. Why haven't you selected my beer yet?

  2. Because it tastes like soapy water.

  3. Yeeeeah, haven't been to Peculiar in a while, have to go back for some of this.

  4. Peculiar is a pillar of twastedness.

  5. Ahh...Peculiar. That brings me back. The first time I had Smoked Beer. Mmmmm....Bacon in a bottle.

    I actually found another brewery that makes Pumpkin Stout, St. Arnold's Imperial Pumpkin Stout. I don't want to rush this summer along, especially after the winter we had but man I could really go for a good pumpkin beer