Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Secret Plan of the Homeless Genius

Ever since the Homeless Genius has taken over the reigns of the New England Patriots, he has had the ability to take players who :

A. were malcontents who didn't want to be on their former teams (Randy Moss and Corey Dillon) or

B. thrown on the scrap heap (Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker)

and has been able to get max value out of them. What's his secret? Well, as of right now its only known to the Homeless Genius himself, but he has another plan in the works. One that most people can't even fathom, but I am going to reveal to you today.

His secret diabolical plan is trading Tom Brady. Not today or tomorrow, but at the point in Tom's career where he starts to decline, H.G. will buy low and sell high with Mr. Bundchen. The first phase of this plan has already gone into effect with the draft of Ryan Mallett, the possible replacement Q.B. Before this happens, Mallett will have 2-3 years to get a hang of the offense , learn from the veteran Brady and keep the Pats in contention.

Why would he do this? H.G. has shown you that he can take almost any QB that has learned under his system and turn him into a super star. He did so with both Brady and Matt Cassel (whom he also traded for draft picks). This would only further cement his reputation as an evil genius who looks like he should be begging for change on the 4 train.

Ryan Mallet, welcome to the Dark Side.


  1. M@d, I still find you incredibly sexy and I'm DTF, but I totally disagree with this post.

    If the system does not depend on the players, why did Brady's performance go up dramatically the only time he played with a great WR (Moss)?
    That year he averaged over 300 years per game and threw for 50 TD's, aka the greatest year for a QB ever. Also, Brady has had a great career without good RB's behind him. He's never played with a RB who made multiple Pro Bowls.

    Also, why didn't the Homeless Genius have such success with QB's when he coached other teams? What happened to his system then? Could it be that Brady and Cassel are just really good QB's, as Cassel proved last year when he had a Pro Bowl caliber year on a DIFFERENT TEAM.

    A systems QB is easy to spot. It's a guy like Trent Dilfer who throws for 180 years and a TD, plays ball-control offense, and allows other players to win the game for them. Brady, on the other hand, makes all the big plays and consistently puts in team in place to win championships. Look at Kurt Warner: he was awesome on the Rams, then Bulger came in and was great too, so people were chalking it up to the system. To prove them wrong, Warner went on to have great success with another team (the Cardinals) while leading them to a Super Bowl.

    There gets to a point where you have to make the big throws, especially in high-pressure situations, and that whole "systems" argument goes out the window. Brady has proven that he's a great QB by consistently making these big plays throughout his career.

  2. You tell him, honey.