Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside The Pinstripe Curtain: A Mets Fan Goes To The Yankees Legends Suite

As you may know from my previous posts about how I'm fed up with the Mets futility, for some unknown reason I'm life long Mets fan. To be honest, I have almost zero interest in the Mets 2011 season except for my hope that the ownership will change. When the opportunity came up to go to this weekends Yanks-Redsox game in seats 9 rows behind home plate, I couldn't pass it up despite my allegiance to that other NY team. I even decided I would do something I've never done before and root for the Yankees, since it seemed like a waste to sit in good seats and root for Boston. As it turns out, maybe a Mets fan rooting for the Yankees wasn't so good for them, since they played so poorly that I felt like I was at a Mets game (as of this writing, the Yanks are down by 2 runs and are a few outs away from a sweep).

In any case, I always wondered what the hell you get for paying $275 per seat face value for these types of tickets, especially since I usually buy 5 dollar tickets on Stub Hub for Mets games and stand up the whole time by Beer Island. I tried to get as many pictures as I could without looking like a poor homeless person that snuck into the rich people section, check them out after the jump. Pretty much everything in these seats is "free", except for your alcohol.

This is the fancy dining area where you have a "free" sit-down dinner before the game (food is available until the 7th inning). What was disturbing is how many corporate Yankee fans just stayed in this room and ate food and didn't even watch the game.

No explanation can sit and stuff yourself with as many as you want.

Although Captain Power would not approve, the dessert spread was killer.

This might have been my favorite part....unlimited really good Espresso. The machine was fancy enough that the buttons weren't even mechanical, they were touch screen.

Captain Power's worst nightmare, the infamous candy wall. This thing gets raided hardcore, people bring home bags of candy for their spoiled kids like it is halloween.

What review wouldn't be complete without a look in the bathroom. I was lucky I didn't get kicked out taking this shot. It was a very nice bathroom, but for some reason it was still too small and there was a line between innings.

Oh, we actually watched some (terrible) baseball too. Robbie Cano was actually very friendly while warming up and chatted with us. Unfortunately for the Yankees and my fantasy team, he didn't do all that much.


  1. Looks like it was a pretty awesome experience. I didn't know that food was included in the price of admission.

  2. I guess they figure you can't eat $275 worth of food, plus we still dropped hundreds on the overpriced drinks.

  3. Did you see the disclaimer on the cupholders?

  4. No, what disclaimer? I don't remember anything actually on the cupholders.

  5. Read my post on tipping and you'll know what I'm talking about.