Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is now in it's (Jesus Christ) 22nd season, and we've come to a sad moment in time where the show has been terrible far longer than it was ever good. There's a whole generation of people who probably don't understand why Abe Simpson sounding old folks like myself quote dialogue and swear it used to actually be a great show. "I'm tellin' you whippersnappers, Family Guy stole from the Simpsons, get yer paws off me....". Even if it's difficult to remember, there were actually a few classic television seasons in Springfield. These are my top 5 episodes (maybe not the 5 best episodes, but my personal favorites):

5. "Duffless"-season 4

This episode really hits closer to home now that I can't imagine a life without beer. Baseball really is the most boring game without a beer. "My name is Otto, and I love to get blotto".

4. "Homer Badman"-Season 6

Dennis Franz as Homer is always funny.

3. "Homer's Enemy"- Season 8

Most hard-core Simpsons fans will tell you that the show had already begun to slip at this point (Who Shot Mr. Burns between season 6 and 7 is sometimes thought of as the "jump the shark" moment), but this controversial episode is one of my favorites. A main character dies every episode of South Park, and Family Guy pretty much slaughters entire countries each season, but in 1997 when this first aired, an animated prime time television show ending with a character's casket being lowered into the ground amidst an entire town laughing was pretty unheard of.

2. "Homer at the Bat"- Season 3

The best baseball related comedy this side of The Naked Gun, this episode has it all: An all-star lineup of guest MLB voices, Mr. Burns doing his best Steinbrenner (you heard me, hippy), and of course, Talkin' Softball.

1. "Last Exit to Springfield"-Season 4

This is my favorite episode, and this one about Homer becoming president of the union and then leading a strike at the power plant might just be the Best Simpsons Episode Ever. Every time I watch it I remember how many classic lines and bits are in it: Lisa needs braces/dental plan, "first thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to punch Lenny in the back of the head", "The blurst of times", "I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style of the time" and on and on. Plus, Homer spinning on the ground making the Three Stooges noise will never not make me laugh.

Honorable mention: "A Star is Burns" from season 6 mostly for "I was saying Boo-urns" and Barney's short film.

If you Simpsons nerds have other favorites, let it be known.


  1. No Tracy Ulman episodes made your list?

  2. When Homer thinks Bart is Gay and takes him hunting (Season 8)

  3. Are the Simpsons the greatest written network television comedy of all time? When you think of all the punch lines, awkward situations, cultural relevance and can start making a really strong argument for it.

  4. I can't think of anything better. Only argument against is it's sucked for so many years. Something like Seinfeld or something never really fell off.

  5. Sketch comedy is a whole different category, right? Because SNL is better.

  6. @Bottle - SNL hasn't been funny for 20+ years. Dave had 2 seasons that are funnier than the past 20 on SNL.

  7. Simpsons from 1991 until around 98 was better than SNL. I like SNL but the writing is pretty lazy now. They take the same characters and sketch ideas and redo them every week.

  8. hater j...i mean some minority, SNL was very funny in the late 90's and periodically through out the last 20 years. Eddie wasn't the only thing funny to come out of SNL.

  9. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on SNL. Its pretty much crap. Their political stuff can be funny from time to time...but overall its pretty terrible.

  10. And in reference to the late 90's, wasn't that mostly run a weekly skit about Clinton getting a BJ in th Oval Office?

  11. If you don't find Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Phil Hartman, Will Ferrell and occasionally Chris Rock funny, then I guess you wouldn't like SNL. They would do one Clinton sketch a show probably, but there was a lot of other stuff going on.

  12. I kinda think the political stuff is the worst part of the show sometimes.

  13. The Chappelle show had its moments but overall it was like a dumbed-down version of his stand-up routines. There have been much funnier shows than that.

  14. I would argue that, although it has definitely been slacking recently, SNL is way more creative than the Chappelle show.

  15. Favorite Simpsons Episode -

    1.Homer Badman and 2.Homer Versus the Eighteenth Amendment.

    1.SEE YOU IN HELL, CANDY BOYS!!! also... Precious venusssss, gwaaaaaaaaaaah

    2.Homer being a booze smuggler was probably one of the most heroic acts he ever did for the Springfield

    I'd say 3rd would be The Homer They Fall. I've always loved the iconic montage homer has as he wins against all the boxcar hobos. =)

    To me "Last Exit to Springfield" was great, but unanimously overrated by critics the world over. However, I'll forever love the scene scene parodied from Batman once Lisa's sees how she looks with her braces. It was years before I saw 1989's Batman again before I got the reference. I laughed hysterically when I did tho =)

    Best Halloween Episode - Treehouse of Horror IV - When Homer sells his soul for a donut. "I'm smarter than the devil! I'm smarter than the devvvvvvvvvil!" XD

  16. Mine favorite is still homer at bat.